Weekend Link Love – Edition 235

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

It seems that Victorian-era rural Englanders had pretty great life expectations (roughly equal to modern day Brits) thanks to their hearty (4k+ calories per day) whole foods diets and regular physical activity.

Humans have unique brain structures that are not found in monkeys, who also do not have any analogous structures that perform similar roles. Pretty cool.

In an observational study, skim and low-fat milk were associated with more childhood obesity than whole and 2% milk.

Interesting Blog Posts

It’s really not that hard, is it?

Other areas of life exist besides the gym, the toilet, and the bus stop where squatting can be helpful and biologically appropriate.

Media, Schmedia

Let them eat fat, they say. Does anyone else sense a shift?

Australia may have drop bears, poisonous spiders the size of your face, and murderous fauna lurking in every corner of the country, but they might also get the first paleo franchise restaurant chain.

Everything Else

This is one kind of paleo reenactment that I can probably get behind: The Primitive, a modern knife inspired by paleolithic design.

Your body on stress.

Are you a New Yorker who has had success on a paleo diet? Dr. Oz wants to hear from you. If you fill out the form, mention me and maybe we’ll end up on the show together.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Mar 24 – Mar 30)

  • Maybe There Is Such a Thing As Too Much Information – How much do you want to know about your genes, and how much of the information is even reliable or actionable?
  • 6 Books I Am Reading Right Now – It’s always good to branch out and read stuff other than this blog from time to time.

Comment of the Week

Okay Mark, you just got me to crawl around on my hands and knees for 10 minutes. I did not think there was a man alive who could make me do that!

– I’m just full of surprises.

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