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Weekend Link Love – Edition 230

Research of the Week

When energy expenditure is matched, “minimal intensity”, long-duration “walking and standing” had more beneficial effects on insulin action and blood lipids than “moderate to vigorous” cycling, according to a new study [1]. Didn’t I tell you to move around a lot at a slow pace?

Exposure to “urban lighting” made birds reach sexual maturity faster [2]. This study is highly interesting and relevant to our pursuit of health, but I was also happy to include the following quote: “City birds’ testicles were ready for action about 26 days earlier than those of their country-dwelling counterparts.”

Circulating levels of trans-palmitoleate, a fatty acid found in dairy – particularly grass-fed dairy – were associated [3] with higher LDL but lower triglycerides, fasting insulin, blood pressure, and less diabetes. I know which bunch of biomarkers I’d rather have.

Interesting Blog Posts

How to train your mind [4] to “scan” for the good stuff in our lives as a default, instead of the bad stuff. Also, something about Tetris.

Media, Schmedia

Does this article on barefoot horses [5] sound eerily similar to anyone else?

In my new book The Primal Connection, I bemoan the fact that we no longer eat dirt. This guy [6] has done something about that (albeit with pasteurized, homogenized dirt).

Everything Else

How do you feel about this picture [7] of lotus seeds? If you suffer from trypophobia [8] (which, from what I can tell, describes the “fear of holes with stuff inside them” and, according to some researchers, may have some evolutionary basis) you might be recoiling in disgust. I’m all for the evincing of disgust at the sight of a crumpet, but my only response to the inside of an uncleaned cantaloupe half is hunger.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 17 – Feb 23)

Comment of the Week

Wouldn’t this be funny to try to explain to our great-great-grandparents: “I have a device in my back pocket that can access the collective knowledge of all mankind. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get in arguments with people I don’t know.” 

Indeed [13]. But let’s be honest: who doesn’t love cat pictures?