Weekend Link Love – Edition 229

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

A new study (of old, “missing” data) found that reducing saturated fats (to below 10% of energy intake) from animal fats and increasing omega-6 linoleic acid from polyunsaturated margarines (to 15% of energy intake) increased the risk of death from all causes, including cardiovascular disease. Okay, but those are just clinical endpoints. Who cares about those? I want to know what happened to their cholesterol levels.

An “active lifestyle approach” (raking leaves, gardening, walking to the store) was just as beneficial as a “structured exercise approach” in reducing metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, those in the “active lifestyle” group were far more likely to get the recommended 30 minutes of “exercise” a day.

Interesting Blog Posts

Dr. Andro over at Suppversity explains why the deload week might need to graduate to deload weeks.

Media, Schmedia

The NY Times story of how a desperate mom used Primal-esque dietary changes (including gluten removal and omega-3 inclusion) to beat back a severe form of juvenile idiopathic arthritis in her kid that didn’t seem to respond to drugs.

And yet in the same breath, the NY Times blog discounts the utility of the gluten-free “fad.”

It seems humans have been making soup – or at least employing leakproof cooking vessels – for much longer than previously thought.

Everything Else

Upcoming PrimalCon presenter Tracy Barksdale’s got a new natural movement/parkour gym in the works called True Nature Training. If you’re near Austin, enjoy moving, or simply want to help a fellow warrior in the fight for Primal health, consider donating a few bucks to the campaign.

Last week, I sat down with Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity to have a chat about my personal vision of fitness. Give it a listen.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 10 – Feb 16)

Comment of the Week

I want to borrow a baby to wear.

– First, Joy said that. Then:

Making your own is pretty straightforward.

-From Ion Freeman. It’s pretty fun, too.

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