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Though most of us think of steaming as a gentler cooking method, a recent study found that steamed salmon had more oxidized cholesterol than pan-fried salmon. However, cooking time may have mattered more than method, since steaming took 12 minutes and frying took just 6.

If you’re gonna do sprint intervals/HIIT with short rest periods, make sure you really rest in between each sprint. Active recovery (where you keep moving during your “rest” periods, albeit at a lower intensity) reduced sprint performance when compared to passive recovery (do nothing; just rest). If you take longer rest periods (100+ seconds), how you recover has no effect.

Interesting Blog Posts

Karen De Coster gives us the scoop on Panera Bread’s “Hidden Menu,” which looks suspiciously familiar.

Is schizophrenia an autoimmune disease?

Media, Schmedia

Thanks to input from Dr. Cate Shanahan and plenty of “pasture-fed beef” and “pasture-fed butter,” the Los Angeles Lakers have seemingly gone Primal. Kobe Bryant specifically credits his newfound focus on diet for much of his continued success on the court.

World-famous and internationally-recognized method actor Ashton Kutcher was recently hospitalized for elevated levels of pancreatic enzymes after following a fruitarian diet in preparation for his role as Steve Jobs.

Everything Else

Suffer from Crohn’s? Know someone who does? Interested in promoting alternative health practices (including ancestral diets) for the resolution of chronic digestive problems? Consider contributing a few bucks to WANTED: Crohn’s End, a new documentary about empowered patients looking for answers outside of standard medical practices that just aren’t working for them.

Got some new apparel up in the Primal Blueprint store: an “In Grok We Trust” keychain and a Grok-embroidered polo shirt. Go check ’em out.

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Comment of the Week

Your mention of McDonalds reminded me of a comedian I once heard. He said that when he was growing up he associated McDonalds with good feelings and would get a warm & happy feeling every time he saw the golden arches. He did not want his children to grow up like this so ever time they drive by he punches them in the arm. NOTE: I’m not advocating child battery!

That’s genius.

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