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Weekend Link Love – Edition 225

Quick favor: if you bought a copy of The Primal Connection [1], take a few minutes and leave a review on Amazon so we can push this baby high up the ranks. Thanks!

Speaking of The Primal Connection, today is the last day to take advantage of the special bonus offer [2], so order your copy now [1] before the offer expires.

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Research of the Week

In a recent study [4], higher maternal intakes of omega-6 PUFA made for fatter babies, while the opposite was true of omega-3s.

Move over, intermittent fasting. Melanoma researchers are finding [5] that intermittent dosing with anti-tumor drugs is more effective at beating back drug-resistant malignant tumors.

Interesting Blog Posts

Seth RobertsĀ discloses [6] some of the often-undisclosed risks of common medical procedures and treatments.

How much floor living [7] do you do?

Media, Schmedia

How an orthopedist from Sweden invented modern gym equipment [8].

Among adults in seventeen other wealthy nations, America’s are the unhealthiest, a new study [9] reveals. Our men may have the lowest health expectancies and our women may have the second lowest, but hey, at least we have the greatest health care system known to man!

Everything Else

One of the more epic wellness sales that I’ve ever seen is in full swing: Primal Toad’s Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle [10]. For just $39, you get 33 e-books valued at $479 for a 92% savings. The sale ends tomorrow.

Wild salmon versus farmed salmon [11].

Have you ever wondered what the LA or New York or Shanghai skylines would look like if all the artificial city lights were removed? Now you can [12].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 13 ? Jan 19)

Comment of the Week

I feel you. Cats rock, even if they are remorseless serial killers that would eat you if they could.

Yes [17], I’m a fan of cats, but I’m fully aware that the sentiment is not reciprocated.