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Weekend Link Love – Edition 219

Research of the Week

Scientists have just cracked wheat’s genetic code [1], which means GMO wheat is coming soon, folks. Get ready for even “more robust,” even amberer waves of grain. I for one can’t wait for new wheat to save the world once again.

Social isolation causes adult mice to reduce production of myelin [2], the protein sheath that surrounds and protects the energy and information transmissions between neuronal cells. Reduced myelin is characteristic of most neurodegenerative disorders, like Alzheimer’s. Luckily, letting the isolated mice back into the playpen restored their myelin production. One has to wonder how these results might transfer to humans, perhaps the most social animals of all.

Interesting Blog Posts

Andrew from Evolvify lists and links [3] top 15 Paleo-“friendly” documentaries, most of which are free to watch.

I may have minor quibbles with a few of them and I’m always wary of inspiring quotes set against a nature photo backdrop, but this list [4] of fifty ways to “achieve greatness” is generally quite solid.

Media, Schmedia

What’s safer [5]: watching TV or cycling in traffic?

Famous British cricketeer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff turned to the “caveman diet” to drop weight [6] in preparation for his first boxing match. Looks like it worked out for him. I expect the Flintstones jokes will be commencing henceforth, especially given his nickname.

Everything Else

It was a big week for MovNat, which released the very first episode of their podcast [7] and a new revamped version [8] of the website.

You may be sick of Kickstarter projects, but this one’s [9] really cool: a modern take on the traditional Amazonian practice of dipping one’s foot in natural latex rubber from the hevea tree and smoking it to form a well-fitting ultra-minimalist shoe.

Although I’m not holding my breath, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope this Bigfoot DNA “discovery” [10] passes peer review and something actually comes of it for once.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 2 ? Dec 8)

Image of the Week

The perfect antithesis of Primal nutrition, served up in a (likely BPA-rich) can [16].