Weekend Link Love – Edition 218

Research of the Week

A new study pushes the actual reveal of the first stone-tipped spear back to 500,000 years ago (pushing it back from 300,000 years ago), right around the time our ancestors enjoyed their massive expansion in brain size. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Are some of the benefits of fish oil (and perhaps other PUFAs, even oxidized ones) explained by hormesis?

Interesting Blog Posts

If you’ve ever wanted to eat dairy (but have issues with tolerating the lactose), check out Chris Kresser’s latest post on how to cure lactose intolerance.

Sweat Science shows how positive feedback isn’t just empty praise; it actually helps you learn and makes training whatever’s being praised more effective.

Media, Schmedia

Did you know that, as a meat-eater, you are predisposed toward lying, cheating, and committing sex crimes? It’s true.

Demand for grass-fed meat is growing. I wonder if grass-fed beef causes more or fewer sex crimes than corn-fed beef.

Everything Else

If you’ve ever wondered just how much vitamin D you’re getting from the sun, here’s a very handy calculator that factors in time of day, time of year, elevation, location, and other variables.

It’s always the bacon, isn’t it?

Speaking of bacon, a Chinese hog farmer is convinced that giving his animals access to a high-dive over a pond makes for better meat. It’s unclear whether or not tossing your bacon in the pool will elicit similar results.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 25 ? Dec 1)

  • Flatulence: Foes and Fixes ? Why you’re farting so much and how to fix it. The only problem with fixing your flatulence is that now you have to figure out how to be funny.
  • How to Eat More Fat ? Most people aren’t that cool with spooning pure fat into their mouths. Here’s how to incorporate it into your diet in an enjoyable manner.

Email of the Week

?Is it poison, or is it a gift??

?Gift? is the German word for ?poison.? Ach?

 Inadvertent (or is it?) wisdom is the best wisdom.

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      1. So that’s why other countries think we’re wierd. We give gifts, so countries, that haven’t been here, are thinking we kill each other.

        1. And as a side note, I’d like to point out that the word for poison (“gift”) is the same as marriage. Coincidence? Perhaps…

      2. and Swedish… haven’t thought of that before but then Gift also means being married…

    1. ‘Gift’ is actually the word for married in Norwegian. ‘Giften’ is the word for poison. 😀

  1. The Vit D calculator told me:

    “minimum recommended exposure time(hours:minutes) 0:46”

    Granted, that was for every other day.

    Still, I thought Vit D production maxed out after 20 minutes full exposure per day? Would 46 minutes one day do it?

    1. Yeah Winter + skin type (darker = less UV exposure = less vit D) + different longitude and latitude –> more time needed. As a darker caucasian, I hit 45mins, but if I were pale it would be 29mins, which is pretty close to that theoretical 20.

    2. London = 3.5 hours to get vitamin D on a clear day… lucky for supplements (taken in the morning of course to not confuse the body!)

  2. The Indian article about meat eaters being morally lax actually made me laugh out loud. I needed it.
    Speaking of India, if you take a village of vegetarian Hindus and compare them to a village of meat-eaters (usually Muslim) you’d see a significant difference in height and strenght, advantaging the meat-eaters. As for ethical behaviour, I think that cuts across dietary proclivities.

  3. According to the UV calculator, the minimum healthy exposure time today in Vancouver, Canada is 24.0 hours.

    1. Same in Umeå, Sweden with a clear sky. Cod liver oil it is then.

  4. When I use that vit d calculator entering the uv index from the weather channel I get the same recommended minimum that Wolfram Alpha tells me is my time to sunburn.

    Use the phrase “sun exposure” in Wolfram Alpha.

  5. I’d have to stand outstide for about 4 hours a day here in Yorkshire, I imagine if it dit it buck nakid that would reduce the time needed and count as cold thermogenisis to burn fat too :p

  6. That book is kind of right about the Inuit though, at least from my experiences living in Alaska. I’d say it has more to do with their adoption of Western foods and alcohol than their traditional diet.

  7. I have a friend who raises hogs. I’m going to show him the article about diving and report back. This could really be a thing. Keep your eyes out for news about the Diving Pigs of Durham, NC.

  8. I think the need for paleo sriracha arises more from the fact that sugar is something like ingredient #2 than xanthan gum…it is amazing stuff though.

  9. Yeah, I got 24 hours too…and I’m pale Caucasian, live in Scotland and it’s November…grim. Hello, supplements…

    …though to be honest, I think I’d need to take supplements even if I lived in California, since I’m burned to a crisp with my pathetic Celtic skin within 10 mins of stepping outside the door when it’s sunny?! I know we’re not supposed to use sunscreen so as to get enough vit D but some of us really seriously have lobster issues after a few minutes!

  10. I did that Vitamin D calculator, and at the end it said: Minimum recommended exposure time,(hours:minutes) 999:0

    Does that mean nine hundred and ninety nine hours??!

  11. As near as I can tell, the Vitamin D calculator will only work for those in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. Not good for those of us in North America, South America or Australia. Bummer, dude.

  12. Since the most sriracha I can eat on anything is about 3 drops, I’m gonna go right on buying the stuff with the green cap.

  13. I live in Maine, and the calculator said 46 minutes every other day. Seems about right.

  14. I know that as a meat-eater, I now surely have more life force available for crimes.

  15. Interesting. On this calculator, I need one hour and 29 minutes for today. But another calculator that someone had earlier this week (Navy?) basically said that I would not be able to get enough Vit D at this time of year to amount to anything, because the sun was too low, from basically Sept 10 to April 10 or so.

  16. Haha about bacon as a “gateway” meat so true. Aparently about the only place in the southern hemisphere is Cape Town so guess I wont be getting any sun in New Zealand, probably just as well, think I got bit burnt yesterday, with block on too I might add…

  17. Cool i only need 24 hours exposure time to get my Vitamin d 😀 But then i am in Sunny England!

  18. Wow, put in the co-ordinates of Brisbane (using negative latitude) and it’s 3 minutes minimum every other day. I’m absolutely rolling in Vitamin D at my 10mins a day!

  19. I know it’s probably the least interesting tid bit on here but thanks for the Omelette tip. I really like omelettes but mine always turn out flat so I usually just do a scramble. No more!

  20. Hmm apparently I need 2 minutes of sunlight to get enough Vitamin D lol… not sure if I’m doing it right though as the calculator doesn’t seem to allow me to put in the right coordinates (errm I’m at S and W not N and E… so I used – and I’m not sure if it works okay to do that!)

  21. I’m so confused about fish oil. I stopped taking regular fish oil capsules when I started the Green Pasture FCLO/BO blend. Was that a mistake? Does FCLO provide sufficient EPA/DHA? (I dislike seafood and am only able to choke down about one can of sockeye a week.)

  22. Given the rampant religiously motivated antagonism here in the US right now, regarding everything from birth control to monitoring student attendance in schools, I’d expect that book here before I’d expect it anywhere else.

    I’d love to see the sex education chapter.

  23. Careful with the oysters. Or maybe it’s a good excuse? “Your honour, I wasn’t in control of my own behaviour, I ate at least twice the RDA of zinc!”