Weekend Link Love – Edition 215

Research of the Week

“Absent the requirement to spend most available hours of the day feeding, the combination of newly freed time and a large number of brain neurons affordable on a cooked diet may thus have been a major positive driving force to the rapid increase in brain size in human evolution.” A new study shows how cooked food allowed human brains to become, well, human.

How play and games can transform the work place (PDF).

Interesting Blog Posts

Although I’m absolutely sure this will be of zero interest to all or most of my readers, I thought I’d mention Paul Jaminet‘s latest post on the optimal dosage of chocolate.

Peter at Hyperlipid discusses the latest failure of the latest HDL-boosting drug.

Media, Schmedia

Writing for Mother Jones, Gary Taubes explains how the sugar industry kept scientists from asking tough (or even easy) questions about the health effects of sugar on humans

If you have a few minutes, check out my recent interview with author Tom Woods.

Everything Else

Pre-Made Paleo is driving an effort to serve 5000+ New Jersey residents in need after Hurricane Sandy. You can help by ordering relief meals here.

A new kind of tomato genetically modified to produce an HDL-mimicking peptide was shown to reduce atherogenic plaque accumulation and inflammatory markers in mice. Assuming it does the same in people, would you eat it?

A journal of personal science: in which a man determines how much salt he should eat.

Recipe Corner

  • Thanks to the massive bird, Thanksgiving fare starts out fairly Primal, but the sides can get really gluten-y and sugar-laden. Here are 10 paleo Thanksgiving sides to make the job easier.
  • You know, if Hooters started carrying these (and held the breading), I might consider eating there: Buffalo pig tails.

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 11 – November 17)

Email of the Week

I can pretty much guarantee the comment of the week will come from this article. I’d be willing to bet it also uses the phrase “scrotal drooping.”

How right you were, Steve.

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