Weekend Link Love – Edition 212

Research of the Week

A recent study found that seniors over the age of 70 who ate high-carb diets had four times the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as seniors who ate more fat and protein.

Can yoga help kids with autism? It certainly seems to improve their symptoms when performed daily in a classroom setting.

Interesting Blog Posts

We all know that Paula Deen-esque “southern food” is nigh-on self destructive, but what about real, traditional southern food?

Are we getting fatter simply because we’re living long enough to get to that point? Ned Kock wonders aloud.

Media, Schmedia

What really happened to those Coca-Cola polar bears.

If you live in Newport Beach, you can rest easy knowing that local school administrators have taken a “No Tolerance” approach to the deadly scourge ravaging our youth known as kombucha.

Everything Else

Nine supermarket secrets your grocer won’t tell you (willingly).

On his latest podcast episode, Chris Kresser spoke with Dr. Nicholas Ralston – an expert in the relationship between mercury and selenium in seafood – about whether we should be worried about mercury in the fish we eat. If you can’t listen to the entire podcast, the transcript is available in the blog post. It’s a good one.

Recipe Corner

  • If you’re not up on Ethiopian food, you should rectify that. Or, make some doro wat yourself.
  • Chawanmushi – a savory, traditional Japanese custard.

Time Capsule

One year ago (October 21 – October 27)

Comment of the Week

More than a grain of truth that it’s not wheat-berry good for you!

– Now those are some shameless puns that were clearly intended, Groktimus Primal.

About the Author

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