Weekend Link Love – Edition 211

Research of the Week

“Uninterrupted bouts of sedentary behavior” are strongly associated with lower insulin sensitivity, impaired glucose tolerance, and increased triglyceride levels, according to a new review. Of course, most of the available research was performed on males, not females, and all you’d need to do to mitigate any potential damage is interrupt your sedentary bouts with movement.

Here’s one quick (but grueling) way to interrupt those bouts of sedentism: five all-out 30 second sprints separated by four minute rest periods.

Interesting Blog Posts

The inimitable Dr. BG on migraines, oxytocin, and mind-reading.

What if there was a difference between industrial sodium nitrate and nitrate from celery, spinach, and other vegetables?

Media, Schmedia

“Personally I have been eating them for years, and I cannot stop. I just have this urge to eat them.”

Perhaps I’m biased, but this looks an awful lot like a metaphor for modern man’s first contact with Primal living. And even if you don’t agree, you get to watch some cute ducks flap around in the water.

Everything Else

Sign the petition from the Healthy Paleo Coalition to get Whole Foods to revise its vegan-centric healthy eating program.

The anthropology geek part of me loves that humans have shared the earth (and the bed) with other hominid species, but the fantasy geek in me gets bummed out that we don’t have one of our own living among us today. I mean, we missed out on hobbits!

Forget pastured eggs. I want eggs from chickens raised on tannery byproducts!

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (October 14 – October 20)

Comment of the Week

I don’t really like that saying because it’s so easily misused.

Hey, how about a moderate amount of Doritos every day? Or could somebody smoke in moderation? How much is a moderate amount of cocaine?

Hmm, I don’t think so.

– Well said, Jeff.

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  1. I used to have a problem with Tom’s Hot Fries as a kid. Very addicting. The Flamin Hot Cheetos were always too spicy for me. The primal diet is very good at breaking food addictions…call it, food rehab.

  2. I signed the petition! As I’ve asked plenty of workers there stating “Where do you keep all the oil and fats?” and immediately responded to “Don’t you know those could kill you?” And as for sushi, why not just sashimi? It’s easy to prepare, great taste, and without rice and anything that I can’t digest very well, except for nori, I love that stuff!

    1. The oils and fats are available nonetheless…as long as I can continue to buy healthy foods there, I don’t care what their official opinion is.

  3. We should all free our inner duck!
    Or Neanderthal…
    I kinda like the idea that I might have Neanderthal genes in me, I wonder how would those genes be expressed… This could have serious implications in our understanding of ourselves… Being a Homo sapiens just got a bit more badass 🙂

    1. The only problem I have with my species and practically everyone else. We just think so much and overthink those things. Hell, we don’t even know exactly what we’re supposed to eat! Though, just being a hominid and having the evolutionary skills brought upon us, is positively amazing! I would also like to have that spit swab test done to find out my point of origin(s), but for $300, maybe.

      1. Yeah, I agree with you… As a species we arrived at the point where we distanced ourselves so much from everything natural and instinctual that we have to map our genomes in order to know what behaviors or traits are natural to us! We don’t even know how to eat, and for that we turn to biochemistry and paleo anthropology! That’s insane! A cow doesn’t take DNA tests to discover it has to eat grass, it just eats it and moo’s happily… And we call ourselves evolved, pheew.

        1. If more people just decided to think for themselves instead of listening to a guy in a suit or a white coat, People would be way healthier. I didn’t look at a celebrity or watch a farm video and decide to become vegan. I didn’t shoot an animal and decide that’s how it should be. I looked at hunter-gatherers and our cousins and decided what would be best, which brought me here.

        2. If you start to think about the expulsion event in the Bible as a metaphor for mankinds shift from being a part of the environment, to dominating it (discovery of agriculture, reliance on newfound technology etc.)… It actually makes sense in that context.

          In many ways, we can never go back.

        3. Wow Kevin!
          I never thought of it in that way, but you make a very interesting point.
          I wonder also if maybe this event was inspired by residual collective memory that people had left in their culture from paleolithic times.
          I wonder if we will someday be able to trace myths and stories that we have today back to that time, before agriculture…

  4. I do something similar to the meatwich with carne asada. When we get Mexican food I use the meat pieces as the wraps and stuff them with veg.

  5. when i was a kid, we lived with 3 generations in the house – my fathers mother being – ahem – a queen victoria-esque matriarch, my mother suffered terrible migraines for the whole 10 years of that multi-generational house and they mercifully stopped forever 6 months after my grandmother died –

    i’m guessing her migraines were to help her get a quiet 1/2 hour away from our live-in saber tooth … (and big pharma didn’t give her any relief either…)

    and glad the kid is having fun now – ’cause those tannery wastes are sooo full of nasty chemical crap…

    1. and also – Mark – great to see your support of Erin and the Healthy Paleo COalition! I’ve railed in several posts about my disgust with Whole Foods lack of fight against the release of GMO alfalfa (which will damn most organic dairy farmer in the winter…) and most recently, their mealy-mouthed lip service to the Label GMO’s prop in California to which they have donated $0 funds. And of course, maybe some of you have seen the undercover “Organic Spies” vid about the total mis-information campaign poor training or downright deception from WF employees – (crazy natural news has the vid up on their site – good ol YT banned it)

      so great – let’s let them know they need to get ALL the information to the people!

  6. We got a drake from a large breeder. He had never seen water that he could get in either. He had a great time in our little plastic pond, after he got over his fear and realized that as a duck, he floats.

    We don’t have a big pond for our ducks and geese now, but we do have kiddie pools (because the pools have to be cleaned from the poop, bigger pools are harder to do.) It is great fun to watch them get in and bath!

    1. “He had a great time in our little plastic pond, after he got over his fear and realized that as a duck, he floats”

      haha awww 🙂

  7. The article on nitrates is making some big claims with very little evidence. Do they have ANY actual evidence that there are significant levels of heavy metals in the nitrates making their way into bacon and into people because of it? That’s no different than the alarm over the original paper they talk about.


    1. Totally not meant to be alarmist. We are just adding up all the ways lead and arsenic are slipping into people diets. Chris Kresser blogged on the rice, and we will have another one later this week on this topic. As we said..” you may want ” to consider choosing the more natural source (celery salt) if it something eat daily. No alarm, just a “there is a better alternative”, a more natural one that reduces risk.

    2. Gotta agree here. So, if you can have 10,000 ppb of lead in Nitrates, that’s 0.001% (10,000 parts lead / 1,000,000,000 parts nitrate * 100). And, 10 ppm of nitrites in a hot dog. Assuming a direct conversion of nitrate to nitrite (which may not be correct, but should be in the same order of magnitude), you get one particle of lead for each 100 hot dogs (0.001% x 10 ppm lead per hot dog). Personally, I’m not going to fret too much about the heavy metal content of processed meats because of industrial nitrates.

  8. Thank you WHOLE FOODS MARKET. I have reaped great benefits from following a paleo/primal lifestyle, and have received fantastic health benefits from a whole-foods vegan diet. WHOLE FOODS MARKET has been key for both. Through self-experimentation and trying both ways, I have made wonderful discoveries about what foods work best for ME. My medical tests, and quality of life prove it.

    WHOLE FOODS MARKET is my best, and most convenient source for healthy foods which ever way I swing, be it grass-finished beef, wild & sustainably caught fish, sprouted quinoa, organic produce, Ezekiel bread, canned BPA-free organic beans, pasture eggs, etc.

    WHOLE FOODS MARKET is a business that deserves, and has the right to carry out the philosophy that they deem fit, and what seems to be what their customers (and shareholders) want. If you don’t like them shop somewhere else. Better yet, open up your own “Paleo Palace” market. I’ll shop there, and I’ll shop at Whole Foods.

    I for one, do not want WHOLE FOODS to change, and will not sign the petition. It is my choice, just like it is your choice to sign or not sign, and where to shop, and just like it is WHOLE FOODS MARKET’S choice to carry out their business they way they want, and the way they feel their target customer wants.

    1. Nice attempt at astroturfing. Perhaps next time try to be a bit less obvious.

  9. I signed the petition!

    I like to interrupt my sedentary days at work by walking to other departments across the building when I need to talk to someone instead of emailing or calling them. Gets me a little mid day exercise.

  10. As a desk worker, I decided to change to a standing desk setup six or so months ago to try and alleviate months of suffering through lower back pain, which resolved itself within days of the switch. I find myself moving around constantly, even just shaking my booty to the radio. After reading the sedentary behaviour article, I can’t say I’m inclined to ever consider sitting while working again!

  11. I signed the petition. We have a Whole Foods opening here soon- and a Trader Joes. We now have a local co-op store that’s been around since the 70’s and an Earth Fare. BOTH cater to Vegetarian/ Vegan and it’s darn near impossible to get anything there for lunch that’s remotely Primal. Even their salmon is slathered in unknown oil, and had I not asked for ingredient lists, I’d never have known the oils and sugars they use in their salads. Earth Fare doesnt even list all the ingredients in their hot food.. which I thought was illegal, actually. Anyone who cares so much about a store chain should understand that by offering items for ALL types of people, they’ll kind of… sell more stuff. you know, the whole point of being a store? To sell stuff? I’d LOVE to open a Paleo store/restaurant… but one can’t do that with no funds or experience.

    1. I know what you’re saying! When Earth Fare first opened here they had ingredient labels on all of the prepared foods in the deli case. I could read them in the window and make an informed choice. Then one day… the labels all disappeared.
      I used to enjoy picking something out for the kids. It was a treat for them. Now I have to ask for a label, have them print it out, then read it and decide whether or not I need to check out a different label and then have them print it too. It’s time consuming and annoying. So we’ve stopped buying from their deli case. Not everything in it is bad, but I don’t know what’s what anymore.

  12. I did the 23andme last summer and found out that I’m in the top 99% for neanderthal genetic material — 3.3%! My husband is certain that explains the whole primal/paleo thing.

  13. I actually find the employees at Whole Foods tuned into Paleo. The guys in the meat section are all over it with great suggestions and help, they have Paleo magazine at the checkouts and I mentioned I was following Paleo to a cashier and he said he was to and had lost 50 lbs. Personally I have nothing but positive feelings about my Whole Foods experience.

  14. I did a variation on the sprints suggestion yesterday. I took a long afternoon nap and I woke up feeling a little lethargic (Haven’t been eating well for quite some time)

    Needless to say it woke me right up and had me feeling great. What I like about it is you don’t have to think. Find some space in the cool outdoor air and go. The more I think, the more see the steps to doing some workouts, and the more I don’t do them.

  15. I have no idea about the food preferences of the Whole Foods company, but the line at the meat counter is full of buff dudes. Lots of eye candy there. Not much to look at in the center of the store.

    Where’s the petition I can sign for more ducky videos? They were so cute!

  16. 😀

    I’m freaking out because I made the graphic that went with the Cheetos story that was linked! I feel kind of famous.

    Side note: Somebody bought five bags of those for the newsroom that night…after seeing my graphic, not sure why they ate them…

    1. For a second there I thought you were saying you’d designed the Cheetos logo (shudder) but actually that’s a pretty great graphic. Congrats!

  17. I think it’s hysterically ironic that the duck video comes from a vegan animal sanctuary.