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Weekend Link Love – Edition 21

Where would E.T. be without Reese?s Pieces? Where would Cookie Monster be without cookies? Where would America?s children be without the salacious abundance of product placement creeping right into the plot lines of Saturday morning cartoons? Probably a lot healthier. Shaping Youth tackles the invasiveness of product placement in kids programming [1].

Get Simple! Zen to Fitness has several simple methods of easing the frazzled mind [2] and reducing the cacophony of small decisions typical of modern living.

Are vegetarians healthier? You probably know my opinion [3], but I?m not the only health guru on the blogosphere. Opposing Views is a new forum designed to pit expert opinions for and against important topics (not just health, you can speak up about money, religion, politics, all the hot buttons). So head on over and join in the Great Vegetarian Debate [4].

Want to make kale taste better [5]? Gluten-Free Girl dishes about the tasty side of this super-nutritious food.

Fat isn?t just a good idea, it?s a book! Modern Forager writes a wonderful review of Jennifer McLagan?s new book [6], Fat: An Appreciation of A Misunderstood Ingredient.

Never stop learning. It?s age old wisdom on staying wise. Learn how to keep learning [7] over at Pick the Brain (spoiler: reading blogs does the trick).

No dumbbells and no cash? No problem. Burning the Scale has a few cheap weight solutions [8] for the penny pinching power lifter.

When someone uses the term ?silent but deadly,? they usually aren?t referring to Steven Segal. Releasing an odious S.B.D. at a party may not make you more popular, but it just might make you healthier. MSNBC has a ripe article on how stinky farts regulate blood pressure [9]. Or at least stinky mouse farts; you?ve really got to read the article.