Weekend Link Love – Edition 208

Research of the Week

A recent vision study finds that men are better at detecting rapidly moving images and perceiving fine detail, while women are better at discriminating between colors. The study’s author was unable to establish a clear evolutionary reason for this development, but I’d love to hear your guesses.

According to a new independent report by Consumer Reports, rice and rice-containing products are showing up with high levels of inorganic arsenic, with brown rice tending to have higher levels than white rice (due to its accumulation in the hull).

Researchers have documented the step-by-step process by which an organism evolves a new function. Big whoop. Now do macroevolution.

(Kidding with those last two sentences, of course.)

Interesting Blog Posts

Matt Metzgar discusses what he sees as the central problem in running: overstriding.

“Do the elderly need Paleo more urgently than the young?” wonders Paul Jaminet.

Media, Schmedia

After years of promoting a high-carb, low-fat diet, renowned South African professor of sports science and exercise Tim Noakes now supports a high-fat, low-carb diet – even for endurance athletes.

Disgraced heretic Tim Noakes has earned a sharp rebuke from concerned doctors in South Africa, who warn that his new dietary recommendation goes “too far” and threatens the lives of everyone whose ears it graces.

Everything Else

Prehistoric cave artists were rudimentary animators, using flickering torch light to create “moving” images of wildlife. Awesome.

Gluten comics.

This video of a pig saving a drowning goat may not have much to do with Primal living, but c’mon – it’s a pig saving a drowning goat.

Finally, someone’s come up with a good use for corn.

Recipe Corner

  • Delicata squash – the underrated winter squash, in my opinion – with apples and chili spices.
  • Every once in awhile (or more than that if you prefer), it’s nice to swap out the grass-fed beef ribeye for a grass-fed lamb steak.

Time Capsule

One year ago (September 24 – September 30)

Comment of the Week

Getting a dog for exercise is an excellent idea. First you have silently stalk through someone’s yard,lunge for the dog, and make off with it before they can catch you. Depending on the weight and thrashing of the dog it could be quite a challenge. That’s a full-spectrum workout.

-Not quite what I had in mind, but I’ll admit that Animanarchy’s suggestion would technically provide a great workout.

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