Weekend Link Love – Edition 204

Research of the Week

Early usage of antibiotics appears to predispose kids to obesity later on in life.

Does a low-carb diet simulate the beneficial effects of exercise? Michael Eades weighs in on a new study.

Interesting Blog Posts

Eating healthy, even organic stuff from Whole Foods, doesn’t have to be expensive. It just takes a little effort.

Beth over at Weight Maven has a nice roundup of AHS-related posts and pics.

Andrew Badenoch of Evolvify talks about building an intentional paleo community. What do you think? Would you join?

Media, Schmedia

Look who’s decided to start promoting the use of lard!

Sauerkraut is dangerous stuff.

Everything Else

Should you be icing your injured tissues? First, hear what K-Starr has to say, then head over to 70’s Big for Justin Lascek’s take on it. Oh, and be sure to seriously, seriously consider pre-ordering the upcoming MWOD book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, for a chance to win some sweet raffle prizes.

Are you a budding “watermelon student”? I know I am. Learn how to eat a watermelon in this video tutorial by Tom Willett.

Recipe Corner

  • Here’s my blatant attempt to attract followers of Ray Peat: sour gummy stars. Reduce the honey if you’re Primal, sub orange juice and powdered aspirin if Peat-inspired.
  • Gazpacho with gusto. To be honest, though, the gusto is optional.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 26 – September 1)

Comment of the Week

I’ve been discussing the “dumbocity” of the egg study with our hens this week to reassure them that they are doing a good job. They were getting a little paranoid there for a while, but once I explained to them that their brains were bigger than the brains of the scientists, they relaxed and went back to chasing bugs.

Decaf Debi, I’d love to try their eggs.

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