Weekend Link Love – Edition 203

Research of the Week

A Washington state MD calls out for an end to the “war on pubic hair.”

The (sometimes deadly) power of the nocebo effect, revealed. Boy, our minds really are powerful, huh?

Interesting Blog Posts

Chris Masterjohn takes apart the infamous egg-yolk study in his own special fashion.

Lindsay Starke’s impressions of the Ancestral Health Symposium made it onto Boing Boing. Go read it, and weigh in on the comment section.

Media, Schmedia

With the drought ravaging corn crops across the country, some US beef ranchers are turning to an alternate food source that the cows actually love to eat. No, it’s not grass. It’s candy.

Food chemists have supposedly figured out how to replace half the fat in a chocolate bar with tiny droplets of fruit juice without sacrificing texture or mouth feel. Is there anything food chemists won’t try to ruin? CNN reports.

Everything Else

A low-carb, high-fat Paleo dieter just won the Western States 100, an ultramarathon through the Sierra Nevadas.

During AHS12, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and I sat down for a chat. Here’s the video.

The Food Lovers (of Make it Paleo fame) have just released a free iPhone and Android app. Browse recipes and generate meal plans, menus, and shopping lists, all for free. There’s really no excuse not to check it out (well, unless you have neither an iPhone nor Android phone, I guess).

Recipe Corner

  • This has always been one of my favorite ways to prepare cauliflower: with whole cumin seeds.
  • You’ll probably want to make like an annoying aunt and pinch these cheeks. And by “pinching,” I mean chewing and swallowing them.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 19 – August 25)

Comment of the Week

I hear Popeye knows his Olive Oil :)

Hmm. There’s a filthy joke in there somewhere.

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. oh FFS, leave my pubic hair or lack of it alone. I grew up in the age when no-one ever shaved and I’ll vote for clean–whetehr shaved, waxed, lasered or plucked—any time.

    Maybe they could invent a better anti-hair method with all the time they spend fussing….

      1. See that’s what I don’t understand. Why would you remove something from your body? It’s naturally there, but people still remove it. I haven’t removed anything from my body most people get rid of: wisdom teeth, tonsils, appendix, and gall bladder. To me if it’s on your body then it has a reason for it. Maybe I never have to get any of those removed because I actually use them. Wisdom teeth, I counted my teeth daily and measured the space, just in case because I didn’t want them removed. As for pubic hair, I don’t want to touch that but I did read somewhere that when we were in paleolithic times, the hair was used as a scent marker, like a GPS for your mate.

        1. I agree you should never remove anything from your body. I’m still kicking myself for the letting the doctors remove my appendix that was about to burst…

        2. Well I agree on the wisdom teeth thing… at least in part. I wish I’d left mine alone until/unless they caused problems (they hadn’t even erupted but I had an Xray done and they were all impacted… they may NEVER have moved and caused a problem!)

          I would certainly not have anything else removed UNLESS necessary. Errm appendix… well if it ruptured or something then I definitely would.

          Hair… well… I think, if we took that too far we’d never cut the hair on our heads either, or shave faces (for men). I don’t see anything really different between having a haircut and shaving body bits.

          The only reason I leave my pubic hair alone is that it itches like crazy if I shave it and I can’t afford to get it waxed!! I actually really liked it the one time I DID get it waxed off.

        3. as we evolve, parts get removed when we dont need them. we remove parts when we decide we (or someone else) decides we dont need them. or they get worn down etc. even rats wear their front teeth down to keep them manageable.

          short nails -> easier cell phone use. the environment now favors short fingernails. you never clip yours?

    1. You know things are getting out of hand when your girlfriend books you in to be waxed – happened to me last week.

      1. Ryan, was that during or after you decided to go Paleo? Luckily enough, I learned about it at a pretty young age. Appendix’s can burst, but is mainly because no one eats tons of vegetables anymore, and the appendix can’t digest much cellulose making it unstable.

        1. It was waaaay before my primal days back when I was 14. I had a watermelon seed stuck in it 🙂

      2. My wife (girlfriend at the time) told me that if I wanted her to wax I had to give it a try. I did and it was rather unpleasant. A nice trim is just fine with me.

        1. I used to shave my pubic hair (WAY before it was popular) between my legs and just trimmed the mound. Now I just keep it all trimmed to about 1/4 inch. Less irritation, zero yeast infections & the hubby likes it better. He keeps trimmed, too.

      3. I’d say your relationship going up a notch! Any girl that wants to wax you thinks you’re a keeper!

    2. I agree. But it’s also okay to leave all the hair if you play the part, i.e. old burlap patatosack on, club in hand, etc…; what I don’t get is how it could be good to have a Gucci-handbag, shoes, shirtsleeve top and braided armpit hair, or a sexy high-cut bikini with pubic hair flairing out. Guys with eyebrows that could strangle you! Or back hair that makes you wonder if they are walking towards you or away. We just need to play the part correctly that’s all.

  2. What about the possibility that nocebo side effects are things people are really experiencing, but reporting as side effects because they assume that’s where they come from when it isn’t? I get migraines sometimes, and if you tell me a new medicine MIGHT cause migraines, and I get one (caused by something else entirely), I’m going to assume it was the new med, probably because I desperately want a concrete cause and solution. I would bet money on some of the ED cases in that article being men who were in denial that they were developing a problem, and the med side effects gave them a way to admit to themselves and their doctor while saving face.

  3. The new app for paleo food just made my life so easy!!! I absolutely love it. You can plan out your week in advance and then it gives you a grocery list

  4. I’ve been discussing the “dumbocity” of the egg study with our hens this week to reassure them that they are doing a good job. They were getting a little paranoid there for a while, but once I explained to them that their brains were bigger than the brains of the scientists, they relaxed and went back to chasing bugs.

  5. tim olson is an incredible athlete! he pulled ahead 15 mins from the next runner.. at mile 85…amazing!

  6. Okay. So my fiance works at a feed store to pay for college, right?

    He sells this lady a bag of chicken feed and she brings it back a week later because it has bugs in it.

    “My chickens can’t eat this,” she says, “it has bugs in it.”

    He goes, “Lady, where do you keep your chickens?”

    “I keep them outside in a little fenced area with their coop in it.”

    “And do they run around outside?”

    “Well, yeah.”

    “And what do they eat when they’re not in the coop?”

    “Well, they peck around and eat bugs.”

    “So tell me again why your chickens can’t eat this week-old feed you left open

    1. He should have charged extra with all those bugs. Like having sprinkles on top…

  7. Okay. So my fiance works at a feed store to pay for college, right?

    He sells this lady a bag of chicken feed and she brings it back a week later because it has bugs in it.

    “My chickens can’t eat this,” she says, “it has bugs in it.”

    (Ignore the fact that she couldn’t have returned it anyway because she admitted to leaving it open for a week.)

    He goes, “Lady, where do you keep your chickens?”

    “I keep them outside in a little fenced area with their coop in it.”

    “And do they run around outside?”

    “Well, yeah. They’re chickens.”

    “And what do they eat when they’re not in the coop?”

    “Well, they peck around and eat bugs.”

    “So tell me again why your chickens can’t eat this week-old feed you left open that’s now full of bugs.”

    “Because there’s bugs in it.”

    Not as funny as this guy:

    “Your guy gave me the wrong feed. I ordered chicken feed. This says ‘poultry feed.'”

    “That’s chicken feed, sir.”

    “No, it’s not. It says ‘poultry feed!'”

    “Sir, when you go to the grocery store to buy chicken, what section is it in?”

    “It’s in the meat and poul… Oh.”

    “Also there is a picture of a chicken on the bag.”

  8. That vein in Mark’s arm looks like it’s going to crack this computer screen!
    (more incentive to stick with primal)

  9. Thanks, Mark, for another great Weekend Link Love post. It’s too bad these apps are rarely made for Windows Phone!

    1. Thanks for the link love guys!!

      As for the app, iphone & android users account for over 75% of the smartphone market (as of about 6 months ago). It’s really sad for us, too, that we can’t feasibly develop an app that would magically work on all devices. Believe us, the android development has been a giant, fermented, sour pickle. But we did it nonetheless!

      We currently have a fix submitted for the new Nexus 7 tablet (so those users, please hang tight). For anyone else with a smartphone that is not compatible – you can always use the same features on our website using your phone’s browser. Not quite as nimble as the app, but the end result will be the same.

      Enjoy folks!
      Bill & Hayley

  10. I’m excited to be able to tweak with my diet again. I requested my food back, which was locked up in the youth shelter I’m in, to stash it outside so I can access it at will, rather than depending on whatever the shelter happens to serve up. The stashing felt like a nice primal/primitive activity. It’s in two cloth bags so I hid them within some bushes surrounded by long grass and tall weeds and stretched a green shirt over them for camouflage, then bent some weeds over them. Now I can eat canned fish, bee pollen, and copious amounts of organic raw cacao again, also organic spices and blackstrap molasses.
    This morning I was left unsupervised with a bunch of eggs, cheese, and milk lying around so I had 9 hard-boiled eggs, around a bag of milk and 200g of cheese, and quite a bit of coffee, then a big bowl of crispy rice cereal a bit begrudgingly as a source of extra vitamins and minerals, with a small serving of Shreddies for more fortified nutrient variety, and more coffee.. though I must have been caught on camera – I was told after not to fill up water bottles with milk.
    Yesterday’s morning coffee was more enjoyable though – I polished off the shelter’s 35% alcohol vanilla extract (why didn’t I know about that before reaching the legal drinking age?) that I found in one of the cupboards in three big cups of coffee, resulting in an energetic, and slightly care-free and tipsy morning, which resulted in a little exploration so I found a good big pine tree to climb, and the buzz carried over to me doing chin-ups and going for a jog, my first in a very long time – and since my cheap shoes were losing their rubber bottoms, I ripped them off, so it’s just like wearing moccasins. I almost relapsed on semi-synthetics but thought better of it, getting a guilt-free endorphin fix from the exercise instead, and no doubt a much better sleep.

      1. Animanarchy’s comments are like a cross between Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy and a Monty Python character who goes way off topic during conversation. They’re usually totally unrelated to Mark’s blog post, but often entertaining.

        1. Thanks to those who show support.
          (note: this is just a general rant to anyone who wants to tell me to shut up, nothing personally directed).
          I thought about doing a success story in the making as a blog (still may) but figured it’s easier just to ramble on in the comments section. I like to think I’m telling a story to anyone who actually pays attention when I write about events in my life rather than the topics at hand or health and science info. But mostly I find it’s a good way to get out thoughts. I find it cathartic and therapeutic. I assume someone can relate on some level most of the time at least, and I try to keep what I say within a primal context.
          Also, if my struggle to remain primal and keep training as someone who is homeless and practically broke with very limited options, occasionally having to eat out of rivers or dumpsters or risk jail time just to get the proper nutrition, isn’t a slap in the face for some of you who have it much easier but lack effort and will power, I’ll be damned surprised! It’s like watching the special olympics – handicapped people having enough devotion to achieve some of their goals. If you have the means and the time, what’s your excuse?
          It’s been said, “god made the poor to shame the rich.” I don’t believe in any religious god, but the quote speaks volumes. This is my version of “confession.”
          Anyways I’m not some hero lurking in the alleys and libraries, just someone trying to make the best of my situation, and writing about it is one way I do that.
          If people come to the conclusion reading my comments is usually a waste of their time they can scroll past.

  11. Pubes, Candy Eating Cows, Food Chemists (*shivers* what a job title! ugh!)

    I love Sundays with Mark.

  12. No adverse health effects, eh? How long are cows on this diet before they hit the slaughterhouse?

  13. Woah. It was so hard to pick just one outrageous article to share on my FB wall – a week of anger/awe-inspiring primal news!

    Juice-bubble chocolate? Madness. Pubic-hair palaver? Leave our grok-given shrubbery alone!

    I went with candy-chowing cows. That is the dumbest thing since corn-fed cows. Which is the dumbest thing since hormone-infused cows. Which is….you get the picture.

    If we dosed them up with soda and dressed them as people, I think we’d struggle to ascertain who was the smarter herd; bovines/humans.

  14. The nocebo thing is incredible– 44% of men on the nocebo experienced erectile dysfunction … Compared to 15% on the actual drug … ?! What are they, looking for excuses? !

  15. The person who attempted to commit suicide and took 26 placebo pills… honestly, should he have been part of an anti-depressant trial? At least give the guy the real thing or some psychiatric care. How much more irresponsible can the medical community get?

  16. Hey Cornelius, check out the big thing at the top of the page that says “Subscribe,” that should work

  17. For me, Tim Olson winning Western States 100 is the news of the year!

  18. Ok, about the candy cows.
    “The packaged candy comes from various companies at a discounted rate since they are not fit for store shelves.”
    They don’t even take the candy out of the packages. Freeze the video at 1:01
    The farmer says that
    “It(candy)actually has a higher ratio of fat then actually feeding them straight corn,”
    because it’s fat that makes you fat, right? The only candy we see in the report is a pallet of what appears to be: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sour-Tape-Candy/165913843478341 – which is probably mostly HFCS or perhaps even sugar and comes on an inedible hard plastic spool.

    The farmer also says that there have been no real health problems as of yet, and the “proof is in the weight”

    So these cows are healthy even though they don’t eat FOOD anymore? I’m sorry, but candy [and packaging!] with ethanol by-product and a mineral nutrient is not food.
    If you are what you eat, what are these cows?
    If you are what you eat, what then are you if you eat one of these cows?

    1. tape ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Wheat Flour, Corn Starch, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Malic Acid, Apple Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Mono & Di-Glycerides, Red 40.

  19. The nocebo thing means that when you eat your cake, you have to like it and believe it’s good for you. No guilt.

  20. That’s very intersting about Timothy Olson’s win. Looks like people can rage ultras on a variety of whole food diets. His success points to paleo being best, but Scott Jurek’s 7 year win streak at WS100 points to vegan diet being optimal. Another one for the law of individual differences, eh?

  21. Unfortunately, the whole feeding candy to cows is not new. It goes for pigs to. Candy, day old chips…