Weekend Link Love – Edition 201

Research of the Week

A race day high-fat meal resulted in better endurance performance than a race day high-carb meal following three days of carbohydrate loading.

Choline intake during pregnancy predicts the child’s epigenetic response to stress once born. Kids from moms who ate just 480 mg of choline a day during pregnancy (the recommended amount) secreted more cortisol in response to stress than kids from moms who ate 930 mg per day. All the more reason to eat your yolks!

Speaking of stress, it seems to shut off the parts of the brain that control goal-oriented behavior. So that kid with the excessive cortisol gene expression might be less likely to accomplish interesting, exciting things.

Caffeine appears to be helpful against Parkinson’s disease.

Interesting Blog Posts

Not technically a written blog, but Robb Wolf was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. It’s a good listen (but not really safe for work).

Stephan Guyenet reviews a review paper in which he was one of the reviewers reviewing the health effects of high-fat dairy.

Everything Else

Witness the calm, cool, and collected visages of the world’s greatest athletes engaging in their life’s passion.

Why don’t we eat pig’s milk cheese, goat butter, and sheep milk?

Who’s up for some dragon eggs?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 5 – August 11)

Comment of the Week

I only had time to skim this article.

– Nice one, Finnegan’s Wake.

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