Weekend Link Love – Edition 20

Need another reason to eat your broccoli? A Hearty Life profiles this cruciferous vegetables? heart healthy benefits.

We?ve talked a lot about the dangers of overtraining before, and now blogger Arthur De Vany gives us the top 10 reasons not to run a marathon.

Ever wondered if that whole service with a smile thing is correct? Cognitive Daily profiles a study that suggests negative facial expressions can detract us from the task at hand.

Make the most of this fine fall weather and take a hike this week. Not prepared to hit the hills? Cranky Fitness has a guide for the out-of-shape hiker.

Think you can?t squeeze in a workout? Kelly at Grounded Fitness shares her secrets for sneaking in a workout when time is a real factor.

If you?re one of those people that thought fiddling around on the computer was a colossal waste of time, you?ll be surprised to know that it might actually improve brain function! Health and Men tells us why.

A study funded by a cereal company suggests that cereal is the best breakfast choice for maintaining a healthy weight. Sound fishy? The IF Life thought so too and this week got to the bottom of this cereal mystery.

Power up your abs with this great basketball workout from Straight to the Bar.

Scared to try a new exercise? The Great Fitness Experiment identifies ? and conquers ? some of our biggest fears.

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  1. Top 10 reasons not to run a marathon

    these are associations which may not tell us the true picture

    99% (i’d say) of people who participate in sports – and probably particularly running sports – carb load. they consume massive ammounts of simple sugars – far more than even Wetsern dietary habits

    this will produce huge problems with immune dysfunction, insulin production and muscle wasting – all these would lead to injury and hyper inflamation

    we need studies comparing proper fat based diets and long term physical stress


  2. Perhaps it was a joke, but I wouldn’t be so flippant in flipping off Phidippides! He did much more in his last week than merely run a marathon! His “work out” was more like cross fit on steroids, and would probably kill you (and me too, for that matter)! Look it up if you wish.

    Saying his running was bad since it killed him, is as logical as saying it’s bad to eat meat since someone chocked and died on a ham sandwich!

  3. Thanks for the love! Now Kelloggs will definitely be after my blog to shut it down! Yikes. Ha. Now back to eating my eggs that will make me fat.