Weekend Link Love – Edition 199

There’s a battle brewing over flip-flops. While Bob Thompson (of the Institute for Preventive Foot Health) makes a mistake when he criticizes the lack of “heel support and structural support… on that little slab of rubber,” he makes a good point that “taking your five toes and grabbing your shoe” is not normal and could lead to problems. Where do you stand?

What’s better than flip-flops?  Zero-drop huaraches for your kids.

Neanderthals used medicinal plants (surely with a prescription only), new fossil evidence indicates.

Speaking of Neanderthals, they sported massively muscled right arms because of their propensity to… scrape bits of flesh off of animal hide to make pretty clothes?

I had a chat with Max and Josh, co-creators of Caveman College, about maintaining a Primal life in college. If you’re a college student trying to make this lifestyle work, you’ll love their blog.

Physical inactivity is deadly. Get up and go for a walk after you read this (and take someone with you).

Arnold blogs. Do you have the Spark?

Lucky cows, huh? I guess red wine really does pair well with red meat.

Recipe Corner

  • Beef rendang, because Indonesian food is woefully underrated and tough to find, so why not make your own?
  • Since good strawberries are easier to find than truly good tomatoes, try this recipe for strawberry salsa.

Time Capsule

One year ago (July 22 – July 28)

Comment of the Week

I’m addicted to spinach. Did funny things to my arm though…:P

You and the Neanderthals both, Nionvox.

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