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Weekend Link Love – Edition 197

How a kind of bacteria carried by pet dogs can protect you from asthma [1]. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to French kiss your pet to get the effect.

In a recent study, short, 8-second bursts of cycling sprints reduced belly fat [2] in overweight men. They added muscle, too.

Why both diet and exercise are vitally important: calorie restriction for life extension doesn’t work very well without concomitant physical activity [3].

Glucose deprivation activates a feedback loop [4] that kills cancer cells. Hmm, now how would one go about depriving one’s cancerous cells of glucose?

For all you fat-adapted readers [5] out there: adding sprint intervals to low level cardio increased glycogen depletion without lowering fat oxidation or increasing hunger [6]. Win-win-win!

If you’re gonna stretch before a workout, dynamic beats the pants off static. Here’s why [7].

How protein satiates [8].

A Facebook Group called Paleo Nursing Donors [9] has been created by paleo-enthusiast Rachel Huizenga Jennings that is “dedicated to helping babies in need of grain, legume, and dairy free breastmilk find donors. There are many babies with special needs who can benefit from milk donations made by a Mom on a paleo diet!”

Strawberry season isn’t for much longer (at least in California). Here’s yet another reason [10] to take advantage of it.

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Comment of the Week

Vegans and PB followers might both wear Vibrams but there are other distinguishing characteristics.if they look like the person working in the health food store, they are probably vegan. If they look tanned, buff, and vibrant they are most likely Primal.

– Well said, Dave [15].