Weekend Link Love – Edition 196

Researchers recently compared the total energy expenditure of patients on four-week isocaloric low-fat, low-glycemic, and low-carb diets. Although activity levels and caloric intake remained the same across all groups, the low-carb group burned 300 more calories per day than the low-fat group.

Kinda like how bacteria is beginning to outpace our best antibiotics, pests are evolving and adapting faster than ever to get around genetically-modified crops that contain the toxins that are supposed to take care of them.

A pal of mine, Grant Petersen of Rivendell Reader (I did an interview with them a while back), recently came out with a great little book called Just Ride about how you should ditch all the fancy cycling gear and just ride your bike like you did as a kid.

Contrary to previous reports, antioxidant supplementation does not hamper the exercise-induced adaptations in skeletal muscle and mitochondria despite reducing oxidative stress, a 2011 study shows.

Beginning today, TGIPaleo is running a weeklong “Offal Week” series of six or seven easy, delicious recipes that incorporate animal organs and odd bits, the parts we know we should be eating but often don’t. If you’ve ever wanted to get into offal, check out Camilla’s blog.

What if you could get an elegant, functional, stylish, dependable standup desk without dropping five or six hundred bucks? Fund this Kickstarter and make such a product reality (oh, and save about a million lower backs in the process).

The aging male often faces lower testosterone levels, a prospect most assume is inevitable, but research is showing this isn’t actually the case.

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Mark, you are probably not the first to write the words “mescal” and “double blind” in the same sentence. I’m sure Hunter Thompson beat you to it.

– Rand Hagenstein, I thought I’d finally pulled a fast one on old Hunter S., but I guess not.

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