Weekend Link Love – Edition 195

Our favorite The Atlantic contributor doubles down on her campaign against low-carb, high-fat, erecting a pretty impressive strawman in the process.

I’ve been railing against the idea that we need to be constantly drinking water ever since this one time during the Kona Ironman. See, I lost my hold on third place down the stretch because I had to stop to relieve myself of the 30 bottles of Exceed/Gatorade/water I’d downed out of fear of dying of dehydration. It was the longest piss I ever took. Famous exercise scientist Tim Noakes agrees with me.

Dishwashers get dishes cleaner than hand washing, but does it actually matter for our health?

In case you needed another reason to use full-fat salad dressings, a recent study found that low-fat or no-fat salad dressings fail to help us extract nutrients from the vegetables in the salad.

Will meat-eating really have as much of an impact on our climate as they say it will?

Oldsters concerned with balance and falls: get your feet and ankles stronger (perhaps by going barefoot as often and as safely as you can).

Exercising outdoors is associated with significant improvements in mental health, while going to the gym is not (at least to the same extent), according to a new study.

Where does our food come from?

Recipe Corner

  • Stop wondering about the quality of your bacon, get some pastured pork belly, and make your own already.
  • Speaking of cured pork, grab yourself some thinly-sliced, high-quality proscuitto and make porkitos!

Time Capsule

One year ago (June 24 – June 30)

Comment of the Week

I love real maple syrup. I wouldn’t care if it was made from crushed puppies.

OK, I’d care. But I’d still use it. ;)

– Folks, never let glorth2 near your pets (unless you want a rich syrup with more bark than bite).

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