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Weekend Link Love – Edition 194

Why our food is making us fat [1] (hint: it’s not the fat).

How America’s grocery buying habits have changed [2] – for the worse. Via NPR.

Also from NPR, “Commenters Bite Back on the Paleo Diet,” [3] complete with a totally representative image of some guy eating a raw steak out of a paper bag (an unwitting foreshadowing of world where red meat is regulated and steak must be consumed clandestinely, perhaps?). This is a response to an earlier article [4] which got taken apart by said commenters.

Hospitals in Europe (and, hopefully, elsewhere) are poised to roll out the world’s first quick, cheap, and accurate test for gluten intolerance [5].

While I’d personally prefer having R2D2 rolling alongside beside me, whirring and beeping encouragement as I lift, sprint, and train, I guess a flying exercise drone [6] will have to do.

I’ve discussed how humans are hard-wired to be optimists before. Here’s a similar take on the evolutionary origins of optimism [7].

A pretty slick stand-up desk [8].

In yet another edition of “What Can’t Butter Do?”, Qualcomm discovers a novel way [9] to test the thermal efficiency of their smartphone chips.

Bell pepper bread [10]?

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Comment of the Week

Blowing through your lips to make a “raspberry” or “horse lips” helps open the sphincters to ease release as well. It is also fun.

– Um, really, yoolieboolie [16]?