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Weekend Link Love – Edition 193

If you can, please support the Kickstarter campaign [1] for “In Defense of Fat,” a new documentary examining how ancestral health could help counteract the “bad science eating at America’s health.” They’ve got a ways to go, but with your help, I think we can get this very important project off the ground!

Timothy [2], the Urban Primalist, shares his reflections on a year of lifting heavy things [3], plus the latest lecture from Shovelglove 201 [4].

This kid took a stand [5]. Will you?

The truck driver’s face: visceral photographic evidence [6] of what a lifetime of UVA exposure (without UVB to balance it out [7]) could do to your skin.

Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, those crazy smart folks responsible for the Whole9, are birthing their first book in a few days. Go grab a copy of It Starts with Food [8]. It’s really, really good.

Anyone who’s ever been a caregiver for a loved one knows the difficulty of keeping on top of everything: doctor visits, medication histories, treatments, procedures, and all the rest. With The Medical Day Planner [9], the proactive caregiver or patient can stay abreast of that stuff so it doesn’t consume every waking moment, leaving them free to focus on actually living.

Northern Californians, if you’re looking for like-minded folks who will join you in asking the waiter questions like “what did the cows eat?” and “what kind of oil do you use to make your aioli?”, waste no time and join the Northern California Primal Meetup Group [10]. Everyone else, find or start one in your area.

A stick figure grapples with the question [11] every wearer of Vibram Fivefingers has had to tackle.

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Comment of the Week

Ok, Mark. Now, not only do I have to convince my boss to let me have a stand-up work station but now I have to ask for my stand-up work station to be outside? Wish me luck, everyone!

Don’t forget [16] to convince your boss to let you traipse around barefoot and do pullups on the office door frames!