Weekend Link Love – Edition 190

Dogs: man’s best friend and Neandertal’s worst nightmare? A recent article in the Atlantic explains how dogs might have helped us beat the Neandertals.

Meet Chris Sturdy, chickadee-conversationalist (they have regional accents!) and Primal eater (which he’s incorporated into a health studies course he teaches at the University of Alberta).

A high-fructose diet made rats remarkably stupid and unable to easily navigate a maze (the rodent version of an IQ test), while adding omega-3s counteracted this effect.

The Art of Manliness recently published a nice introductory guide to barefoot running. I look forward to seeing hordes of bow tie-wearing, straight razor-shaving, corn cob pipe-chomping barefoot runners.

This just in: higher HDL for higher HDL’s sake may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the lifestyle that usually associates with said levels. Nah, that couldn’t be it.

Mice kept to an eight-hour feeding window ate as much food as a control group of mice fed round-the-clock, but they remained slim (with less inflammation and liver damage) while the controls got obese. Somewhere, Martin Berkhan is digging into a celebratory cheesecake.

McDonalds has just unleashed the McVegan. “Cruelty free,” they say, but I’m not so sure.

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I can’t wait until science “Jurassic Park’s” some Aurochs.

– The comment is gold (and I completely agree), but the name – Paleo Bon Rurgundy – is even better.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen. I’ve made comment of the week!

    Thank you, thank you. I am humbled and honored. Wooo!

      1. It MUST be a news item from THE ONION

        Seriously!? I mean they did an item on healthy broccoli snacks. Tell me this is another prank. I fell for the broccoli snacks one, I’m not falling for another one.

  2. if there are actually vegans who would support Mcdonalds, then they are truly a bunch of hippocrites!

  3. I love “Art of Manliness”! I found Marksdailyapple and AOM around the same time. Excellent Resources!

  4. It was actually an article on “Art of Manliness” that brought me to “Mark’s Daily Apple”! Makes me smile to see the favor get returned!

  5. I Googled McVegan and looked on the McDonalds website and there is no mention. I wonder why?

    1. Check Mickey D in India–that’s who the burger wad originally invented for.

      If it’s here in America somewhere, it’s a sign of how desperate he is for sales.

  6. On the HDL piece:

    I cannot believe that other researchers are saying this turns things upside down.

    This study doesn’t prove anything, beside that being genetically predisposed to having high HDL numbers doesn’t necessarily mean you will have high HDL numbers, and see the benefit of those high numbers.

    You could be the son of Einstein and be genetically predisposed to be a genius, but you huff glue everyday throughout childhood, something tells me you won’t turn out to be a genius.

    And, can you believe the head researcher said this at the end of the article?!

    “When people see numbers in the abnormal range they want to do something about it,” Dr. Kathiresan said. “It is very hard to get across the concept that the safest thing might be to leave people alone.”

    Don’t do anything? Seriously, just leave everyone alone, that’s the best advice for everyone in the world, is don’t do anything to try to improve your HDL numbers.

    I am almost to the point now when I see a NYT article that I already know I’m going to be enraged by the idiocy.

  7. I can’t wait for this “Cruelty Free” idea to die. Nothing we put in our mouths is cruelty free, whether meat, vegetable, fruit, nut, or some sort of processed something that falls into none of those categories. Just ask the field workers. Or the guy behind the counter at McD’s. Or the insects in the soy field sprayed with pesticides.

    Not to mention eating a McVegan is cruel to the person eating it.

    1. Agreed that nothing is death free in the realm of industrial agriculture and Big Food, but carefully sourced food can be cruelty free. Unless you equate death and cruelty!

    2. “Cruelty free” is something we tell ourselves to make us feel better about our choices.

      I think we can move beyond that. I’m all for humane, responsible stewardship, but let’s not kid ourselves.

      And don’t get me started on “sustainable”.

  8. As a person of mixed descent, largely of European ancestry, much information suggests I have Neanderthal genes riding along on my DNA. Neanderthals extinct? Mostly, but maybe slightly integrated, too.

  9. Samuel Jackson can make a bowl of flour look like bacon drippings…he’s that cool.

  10. I heard about the man + dog thing on the radio the other day, thanks for the link! It is quite interesting.

  11. The piece on barefoot running made me think of a commercial that aired here (Germany) during the Champions League final this weekend. It started out by showing a man running through the bush with a voice-over that roughly translates to, “We were designed to move.” It immediately made me think of Mark’s little film on Vibram Five Fingers, but of course this commercial wasn’t for anything primal, but in fact, for a car. Go figure.

    1. Haha, I saw that one, too. Every time you think the commercials can’t get any weirder they do, especially the car commercials.

  12. I enjoyed the article about Christ Sturdy–cool guy! I hope he knocks his MS down completely.

  13. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing my blog post. More people enjoying cauliflower, yay! And you can have it with meat if you really want to! I’m glad I found your site, looks like a lot of great stuff going on here, look forward to exploring 🙂