Weekend Link Love – Edition 19

Congrats to Dave C. at Dave Gets Fit!! who dumped statins, made some serious lifestyle changes (read high fat diet) and is getting healthier by the day.

There are many benefits to making your own meals, but sometimes cooking can be a risky endeavor! Reduce your risk of incurring an injury (serious or otherwise) with Almost Vegetarian’s top seven kitchen safety tips.

Experiencing joint pain related to arthritis? Sean at Blog of Herbs suggests a few natural remedies.

Conditioning Research profiles a few functional training moves taken from Krav Maga, a form of martial arts.

Cranky Fitness reports on a new study suggesting that fewer people are dieting these days. Read on to learn about all the other things they are doing instead.

Diet Blog
tells us about a new study from Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education that shows the type of music you listen to does impact the quality of your workout (now go update your iPod!)

Fitness Fixation examines the four types of exercise personalities, looking at what motivates them and how to continually hold their interest in fitness.

Taking all the credit for your health habits? HealthBeat examines a new state-by-state report that finds that parents have a significant hand in their child’s future health (time to put in a “thank you” call to Mom and Pops!)

Ever heard people say they are allergic to exercise? Liz over at HealthBolt tells us this one is true – and shares a couple of other odd allergies.

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  1. Thanks for the links, Mark. I had exercise-induced hypoglycemia for years before I ran across an expert who could diagnose it. Figured out how to eat to prevent it and that has been a HUGE turning point in my life, health and happiness wise. I appreciate your posts! Delita

  2. Thanks for that Krav Maga video link. I’m going to be practicing that self-defense bridge move with my hubby. (But I might let him win some of the time.)

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