Weekend Link Love – Edition 189

Some guy named Jerry Tobbs (I might have that wrong) recently explained why he thinks the campaign to stop America’s obesity crisis keeps failing.

Here’s the winning entry from last month’s “ethics of meat eating” NY Times essay contest. What do you think?

Don’t eat green bacon (unless it’s St. Patrick’s day).

Amish farm kids are “remarkably immune” to allergies, a new study has found. Something tells me Amish moms aren’t slathering their kids with Purell.

We Want Paleo!, a new organization devoted to getting restaurants to start offering Paleo-friendly menu items, needs your help.

Epigenetics rears its lovely-but-potentially-deadly head once again, this time showing the effect of different sleep durations on the expression of genetic influences on body weight in sets of twins.

In a recent study, serum vitamin D levels of 50-60 nmol/liter were associated with the lowest all-cause mortality risk. Not all that surprising, right? But both very low (10 nmol/L) and very high (140 nmol/L) levels were associated with a higher risk of all-cause mortality. It’s a classic reverse J curve.

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Comment of the Week

I voted 5+, but to be totally honest all occured this last weekend. 2minutes swordfighting max effort 4 times.

Run away from short barbarian horde (children)(about a minute) then avoid injury as you play dead when they catch up) 7 times. various throwing of javelins and axes and finally dodge four charging horses four times.

What can I say? Roman re-enacting is hard work!

– Now that’s the right kind of re-enactment, Ian.

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