Weekend Link Love – Edition 186

Coconut oil: cure for foot fungus?

Social stress induces epigenetic changes in macaques in mere weeks. Who wants to bet that the same thing happens in other primates, too?

After a car accident that shattered his femur, arm, and hip, the only way Michael Sandler was able to run (against strict orders from his doctors) was completely barefoot. I wonder how he eats.

The true story of how bread fostered civilization, banished savagery, and gave Paleolithic man great hair.

If you have an hour to spare, check out my recent interview with Abel James on the Fat-Burning Man podcast.

How America isn’t really built for walking, and how we might be able to change that. Be sure to check out Slate’s entire series on pedestrianism in America, linked at the bottom of the article.

A genetic adaptation that allowed greater biosynthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fats from precursor polyunsaturated fats, unique to modern humans, arose 300,000 years ago.

A tiny baby does pullups. Those were okay, but next time, maybe he should try them without kipping. Also, has he ever heard of scapular retraction?

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Time Capsule

One year ago (April 17 – April 23)

  • How to Breathe Correctly – You’ve been breathing wrong. Yeah, you. Go find out how to do it correctly.
  • Gardening is Therapy – How spending a day messing around with dirt and seeds can make you feel a whole lot better.

Comment of the Week

Awesome! I’m going to try this. I can see the look of delight now on my sixth-grader’s face when he opens his lunchbox to find this extra-nutritious treat.

– Something tells me Joseph Nichols’ kid won’t be trading his lunch for cookies, Capri-Suns, chips, and other prized commodities.

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  1. Agh! That baby is putting me to shame. With an overhand grip even! This is not what I needed to see after just struggling to do two pull-ups about 15 minutes ago. But thanks for the great motivation and laugh.

  2. I’ve used coconut oil from my kitchen counter on my kids’ and my own feet for occasional outbreaks for years with great success! The more of it we eat, the less we have to use on our skin it seems. And lest anyone think I end up with foot-flavored omlettes, I transfer an ounce or so to a small mason jar for skin treatments. Today I’ll be emilsifying a bit if coconut oil, avocado oil, and peppermint oil in the food processor to make a foot massage cream just to pamper myself. 🙂

  3. Yes to the coconut oil killing the foot fungus! My young son came home from the hospital with athletes’ foot (I swear!) and after years of creams and sprays on his tiny feet, I tried coconut oil a few months ago. I figured, if it could kill candida internally, it could kill fungus topically. Just a dab will do! Then put the socks on and off to bed. It completely cleared up for the first time in his short 6 year life, in just a couple weeks. So we stopped. And it came back. So we started again, and now it is just a nightly routine, he can even do it himself. Oh, coconut oil, is there anything you can’t do!

    1. “Oh, coconut oil, is there anything you can’t do!”

      Cure athlete’s foot, apparently.

  4. I just finished reading articles about self-immolation in Tibet, and then saw the link to “the Fat Burning Man podcast”…

    I laughed very darkly, and with much guilt…

  5. That bread guy had me til I looked elsewhere on his site and saw him complaining about a meat cookbook.

  6. Well now that I know just how important bread is I’m afraid I’ll have to leave the Primal community. I’m off to buy some Sunbeam bread now, for the good of all mankind.

  7. Haha, the bread one is disturbing. If the bread is talking to you, you may have Ergot poisoning.. just saying

  8. Michael Sandler is a strict vegan. Despite that, 😉 he’s also an incredibly generous person who gave me some fantastic advice about foot-posture which essentially reversed my PF in a matter of weeks.

  9. Bread right, bread was a side effect of brewing beer. Beer made water safe to drink. Bread was just how the wheat growing was explained to the wife.

  10. What that baby really wants to do is chin ups. You can really see how limited his ROM is with the pull-up variation. His parents need to get him a bar so his lats can get a better ROM, and a weighted dip belt so he can progress past his 15 pound body weight.

    1. I wish I could “like” this comment. The image of a baby with a weight belt is just too funny!

  11. I have successfully used both tea tree oil and coconut oil on a fungal torso rash I get in the hot humid weather.

  12. LMAO at the Bread thing! What a great laugh for first thing in the morning 🙂

  13. I was laughing so hard at that “Bread” comic that I almost spit out my toast right on to my keyboard this morning—–

  14. I’m not surprised by the fungus-killing power of coconut oil. The lauric acid in coconut oil, which the body converts to monolaurin, has anti-fungal, anti-biotic, and anti-viral properties. I’ve known parents to make and refrigerate a salve of minced/pressed garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil to keep on hand for their children’s nighttime earaches (put some on a cotton ball and stuff into the ear canal at bedtime and as needed). I took the stuff internally (and still do) to myself to rid myself of a rash that was a reaction to my own body’s sweat when I first began working out. (A dermatologist told me that my body couldn’t make ceramides, and I should reduce my workout intensity and take baths rather than showers.) Good coconut oil is an amazing food.

  15. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast and find out why bickering about whether or not eating a bean will kill me is not going to change the world, not to mention why I shouldn’t jump out of a plane in a squirrel suit when drunk or stoned and why not to throw yams at keto-adapted weightlifters. Man, this is good stuff.

  16. Wow, thanks so much for the Singapore Street Noodle shoutout, Mark!

    M and I are super excited to be mentioned!!

  17. Loved the podcast. Mark mentioned in the interview he was taking a probiotic every day. Mark if your reading this what do you take.

    1. I’m going to guess he takes his Primal Flora, which you can see/buy in the “The Store” section of the site. 🙂

  18. loving the baby Jonas,off to hang on my pull up bar tonight then!!!

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  20. Interesting post, actually coconut is known as being the tree of life right? from roots up to its leaves everything has a used.