Weekend Link Love – Edition 185

The Primal Transformation Seminar will be in Torrance, CA tomorrow night, and Woodland Hills, CA on Tuesday night. Grab your last minute tickets here and come with all your questions for presenter Brad Kearns.

Researchers have found solid evidence that humans were using fire one million years ago, pushing previous estimations back 300,000 years. Unless those guys were using the fire to warm their antelope marrow to just under 104 degrees F, I’d say this is powerful blow against raw foodists.

Why do zoo apes get heart disease?

Check out Dr. Robert Lustig’s recent “60 Minutes” piece on the toxicity of sugar.

I know I don’t often promote extended runs of any kind, but this particular brand of 5k sounds very cool.

Speaking of minimalist/barefoot running, Vibram is facing a class-action lawsuit for making “false” and “deceptive” claims about its products, namely “that the barefoot footwear concept improves posture and foot health, reduces injury risk, strengthens muscles in feet and lower legs, and promotes spine alignment.” What do you think?

So it sounds like genes aren’t your destiny, and scouring your genetic sequencing for disease risk might not make that big of a difference if you don’t account for epigenetics. Where have I heard that before?

A new cookbook, written by three archaeologists, covers everything from Paleolithic to Bronze Age to Roman to Viking cuisine.

Fans of NomNomPaleo, check out Saveur’s latest blog contest: she’s a finalist for their “Best Special Diet blog.” I bet she’d appreciate a vote in her favor, as would the Primal blogosphere at large.

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Comment of the Week

Is eating meat ethical? Are Lions ethical? What about Honey Badgers?

– I think we can all agree that the Honey Badger exists in a realm where pedestrian concepts like “ethics” simply do not apply.

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