Weekend Link Love – Edition 180

Next time you make creamy turmeric tea, add some black pepper to the mix. The piperine in pepper enhances the bioavailability of the curcumin in turmeric.

Did cooking make us human?

If you’re still curious about or a little shaky on epigenetics, this nine and a half minute video is a fantastic and approachable introduction to the subject that doesn’t skimp on details. Watch it, and understand it.

Speaking of epigenetics, researchers have found another couple pathways through which broccoli might prevent cancer, and they’re both epigenetic in nature.

Neanderthals may have been the earliest seafarers, scooting around the Mediterranean in wooden crafts over 100,000 years ago, beating us by around 50,000. Either that or they put Michael Phelps to shame.

More reasons to get a little dirty from time to time.

Looks like voting with your dollar actually works!

The FDA recently added diabetes and memory loss warnings to labels on statins. It’s about time.

We’re like sharks. We need to keep moving.

Bestselling author Tom Woods explains how he lost all the weight here and here.

Okay, sometimes you need flexibility.

Brad Kearns pictured with the staff at Shawsu Workout Studio in Los Altos, CA, site of the Primal Transformation Seminar on Feb 29. Brad will be in Sacramento on Tuesday, March 6th – just two days from now! Tickets available here: Catch an upcoming seminar in a city near you!

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Comment of the Week

QUESTION: Even if tomorrow all scientists and doctors agreed that paleo was a “cure all,” how many people would adopt it?

ANSWER: About the same number of people who quit smoking when the scientists and doctors all agreed on tobacco starting in the 1960s.

Dan makes a very good point.

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