Weekend Link Love – Edition 18

Need some cocktail party fodder? A Hearty Life shared 10 Hearty Facts about (you guessed it) hearts.

Conditioning Research
reviews a recent journal that touches on how obesity and inflammation are related.

Diet Blog examines the differences between a diet and a “diet cult” (hint: it’s all about the results and the way you feel!)

Still struggling with that to-do list? Dumb Little Man won’t tell you how to get your tasks done, but he (or in this case, she) will teach you how to make the list itself more effective.

Dr. Mirkin assesses the environmental risk factors for cancer and tells you what to do to limit your exposure.

Can “executive physicals” actually be harmful to your health? Kevin M.D. gets to the bottom of it.

Hunter-Gathering profiles hawthorn, and all the delicious things you can make with their leaves and berries.

Already counting down to Halloween, Parent Dish profiles the best (and all-time worst) of the Halloween loot for your little monster.

That’s Fit profiles Grace Somatomorphic Technique, a mixture of yoga, pilates and capoeira using equipment.

Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment blogs about her experience with Kettlebell training (and even shares some results!)

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