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Weekend Link Love – Edition 179

In a recent study [1], those who trained aerobics in a fasted state lost body fat and body weight, while those who trained in a fed state lost body weight but no body fat.

Does diabetes actually start in the gut? [2]

A scientist claims [3] to have created a vegetarian meat substitute that’s indistinguishable from the real thing, “even to foodies.” I’m dubious.

Are humans better suited to segmented sleep? The myth of the eight-hour sleep [4], and Robb Wolf’s commentary on the myth of the eight-hour sleep [5].

From Greatist comes another relevant infographic: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo [6].

What to do about hungry Paleo kids [7]. The comment section is, as always, great.

Why being sleepy and drunk are great for creativity [8]. Hmm, I guess college students are doing it right.

For shame: nature is disappearing from children’s books [9]. Sounds innocuous, I’m sure, to most people, but these things matter.

Sh*t barefoot runners say [10].

Sh*t runners say to barefoot runners [11].

Real food, Ryan Gosling… what more do you need [12]? “I’ll start the yogurt when I get home” needs to be in a movie.

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Comment of the Week

After perusing this article, I feel like Homer Simpson when he visited the “Land of Chocolate” during one of his daydreams.

– What a coincidence, Chris. I was actually snacking on a schnauzer made of chocolate as I wrote the post [17].