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Weekend Link Love – Edition 176

Chris Highcock, longtime proprietor of Conditioning Research [1], one of the finest fitness and nutrition blogs around, has just released a fantastic fitness e-book that I had the privilege to read. While Hillfit [2] is intended to make hillwalkers – hill-hiking enthusiasts – stronger for their activity of choice, it also describes a simple routine that anyone can use to get stronger, fitter, and healthier, using just their own bodyweight and a few simple household objects. Give it a shot and support one of the good guys – and your own body. See what others have said [3] about Hillfit while you’re at it.

From Catalyst Athletics comes a more intense variant of the Grok squat [4]: the Russian Baby Maker [5]. Everyone (but perhaps expectant mothers) should try it.

I don’t recommend the consumption of popcorn, but if you’re gonna do it, make it on the stove. Microwaveable popcorn bag pollutants (PFCs, which are also found in stain repellants) make vaccines less effective [6].

A scientific look at the dangers of high heels [7]. Duh.

A 13-year old girl [8] holds eight powerlifting world records, deadlifts twice her body weight, wears knee high socks with BACON emblazoned along the sides, and has a coach who promotes a Paleo diet. That’s all.

In a recent Spanish study [9], consumption of fried foods was not associated with risk of coronary heart disease. They mostly use olive and sunflower oil for frying, and before we make any assumptions about omega-6 oils, it’s worth nothing that the Spanish have long been using high-oleic (monounsaturated) and high-stearic (saturated) acid sunflower oils [10].

Is diet soda actually bad for you? Independent of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and hypertension, diet soda intake was strongly associated with “vascular events.” [11]

Speaking of soda, should the regular stuff have a legal drinking age [12]?

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He?s probably making a classic Simpsons reference.

?Bojourrrrrr ya cheese eatin? surrender monkeys?

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