Weekend Link Love – Edition 174

Both Robb Wolf and I made yet another Greatist list, this time for two of the “must-read” health and fitness blogs for 2012. I would tend to agree.

Vibram Five Fingers popped up at a recent award show. Or, in old timey gossip rag speak: Sassy Starlet Sports Showstopping Simian Shoes!

My good friend Richard Nikoley has just released his book, and it’s a great no-holds-barred introduction to the paleo lifestyle. Go pick up a copy.

The top ten reasons why you should(n’t) run barefoot, an exhaustive list of the most popular excuses for never trying, including my personal favorite: the mythical piles of broken glass, rusty nails, and perpetually-ripe dog poop that apparently litter every square inch of every city.

The FDA acknowledges the dangers of continuing to feed buckets of antibiotics to livestock in this country, yet refuses to do anything about it. What are we paying them for, again?

PaleoFX is the inaugural ?who?s who? gathering of the paleo, Primal and Physical Culture worlds, encompassing a theory-to-practice look at Ancestral Wellness and features more than 40 industry experts. I happen to be one of them. The event will occur March 14th to 17th at the University of Texas Austin. Take a peek.

Did a group of scientists just simulate the evolution of multicellular life from unicellular life in a lab dish?

Scientists revisit “The Carnivore Connection.”

The difference between an active 40-year old, an active 70-year old, and a sedentary 74-year old, in pictures (of cross-sections of quadricep muscle mass). It doesn’t get much more visceral than that. Excuse me while I go lift something heavy.

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One week ago I got my first tattoo. I’m 39 years old. I’d been wanting one for a few years but could never settle on something I’d want on my body forever. And then I saw all the tattoos of Grok and I knew that’s what I wanted. So I did it. Tattooed Grok on my arm!

It was suggested to me to send you a link of the pic, so here it is.

Thank you Mark, for writing the book and putting the information out there, and helping SO many people find True Health and Happiness.

– Longtime reader Kimelah got some work done. I approve.

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