Weekend Link Love – Edition 169

What is the single best thing you can do for your health?

Why letting a fever run its course might be the best plan of action when you get one: elevated body temperatures (fevers) make certain immune cells work better.

The NY Times beats a drum that we’ve been pounding for years – the drum that, when struck, sounds remarkably like “feeding your kids sugar-encrusted cereal is a lot like giving them cookies for breakfast.”

Wired reports how and why sugar makes us sleepy and protein wakes us up.

First honey, now olive oil?

How to make liquid stevia extract at home (and finally find a use for that bottle of cheap vodka you have laying around).

How to make magnesium oil at home (and finally find a use for that big bag of magnesium flakes we all have laying around collecting dust).

Through midnight tonight, enter the coupon code “rudolph” at checkout and get free shipping from PrimalPacs. Grass-fed/finished beef, dried fruit, and raw nuts on demand… what’s not to like?

Okay, so this guy can do single arm levers and handstands and displays insane body control in some incredibly mechanically disadvantaged positions, all impressive stuff, but how much can he curl? And at least I have better taste in music.

Move over, “texting while driving,” and make way for “texting while in open heart surgery.” A recent survey of 439 medical technicians who monitor bypass machines found that over half regularly text during surgery.

Recipe Corner

  • Finally, a fruit cake that will incur resentment not intestinal perforation in the people who receive it.
  • Robb Wolf held a Christmas recipe contest, and there are over a hundred entries. Go try a few.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 12 – Dec 18)

Comment of the Week

last night I dreamt of celery and awoke in a cold sweat!

There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.
here’s tom with the weather.
-Bill Hicks

Alex, in this week’s post on dreaming, with a quote from the great (and late) comic.

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