Weekend Link Love – Edition 166

The dangers of using one lab animal – the mouse – for the vast majority of studies, and why it’s only going to get harder to branch out to other models the longer we keep using it.

Protein wakes us up, carbs make us sleepy, a new study reveals. I wonder if freebasing branch chain amino acids would work.

There’s a gene for empathy, and we can tell who has it after just twenty seconds (even if they’re a total stranger).

Overeating often gets compared to addictive behavior. This paper explains how it might actually be a literal addiction.

Epic Meal Time’s latest may not exactly be SFW, SFT (Safe for Temple), or SFM (Safe for Mosque), but it’s worth watching. I’ve always thought turduckens were selling themselves short.

John Durant describes a way to persuade skeptics that you are not, in fact, killing yourself.

A few online food science journals are free through the end of the year, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This recent article on the “caveman diet” makes me especially happy for two reasons: they quote yours truly, and they never mention “lean meat,” not even once.

Progresso: Progressing blood BPA levels by 1200% since 1905!

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Comment of the Week

Really? I think the runner’s arch-nemesis is plantar fasciitis.

– Reader, commenter Li drops a nice line in Monday’s post on shin splints, green drinks, and omega-6:omega-3 ratios. I probably should have thought of that one myself.

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