Weekend Link Love – Edition 166

The dangers of using one lab animal – the mouse – for the vast majority of studies, and why it’s only going to get harder to branch out to other models the longer we keep using it.

Protein wakes us up, carbs make us sleepy, a new study reveals. I wonder if freebasing branch chain amino acids would work.

There’s a gene for empathy, and we can tell who has it after just twenty seconds (even if they’re a total stranger).

Overeating often gets compared to addictive behavior. This paper explains how it might actually be a literal addiction.

Epic Meal Time’s latest may not exactly be SFW, SFT (Safe for Temple), or SFM (Safe for Mosque), but it’s worth watching. I’ve always thought turduckens were selling themselves short.

John Durant describes a way to persuade skeptics that you are not, in fact, killing yourself.

A few online food science journals are free through the end of the year, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This recent article on the “caveman diet” makes me especially happy for two reasons: they quote yours truly, and they never mention “lean meat,” not even once.

Progresso: Progressing blood BPA levels by 1200% since 1905!

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One year ago (Nov 22 – Nov 28)

Comment of the Week

Really? I think the runner’s arch-nemesis is plantar fasciitis.

– Reader, commenter Li drops a nice line in Monday’s post on shin splints, green drinks, and omega-6:omega-3 ratios. I probably should have thought of that one myself.

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  1. Primal Snack Attack!
    I like it 🙂

    Binged on chestnuts in November…was totally worth it. It’s only once a year, what harm could it do other than me gaining 5 lbs.

  2. Ouch! The only thing we eat out of cans anymore is sardines, salmon, and smoked oysters. But I really don’t want to give those up. Does anyone use non-BPA can lining material?

    1. Vital Choice says their can linings do not contain BPA, except for the Dungeness Crab cans. I love their Wild Red Canned Sockeye and their canned Portuguese mackerel.

    2. We buy Chicken of the Sea Salmon (wild caught) in packets so we don’t have to worry about the BPA cans. You can find the packets in practically any grocery store!

  3. I’m sure PETA would have a coronary if they saw that Epic Meal Time video.

    I felt like I was watching a naughty video with all that delicious bacon. So sinful. So good.

    1. with all the PUFA and carb guzzling PETAs probably do, they’re going down the coronary road anyway 😉

  4. Thanks for the link back Mark. It’s always a treat to get up on Sunday and check out the Link Love…and even better to discover yourself among the links!

  5. Man, I resemble that carbs make you sleepy. I have been really sick for about 5 weeks with colds/ bronchitis and have fallen off the primal wagon – been eating pasta, rice, whatever is easiest to prep since I have no energy.

    Man, post lunch and post dinner, I start to fall asleep. My boss is getting worried.

    I’m still sick and have no energy, but I have to at least go back to primal for lunch so that I don’t fall asleep at my desk!

    1. make yourself some chicken soup. It isn’t hard; I did it last time I had a cold. throw a couple chicken thighs in a pan with water, I add a bottle of beer then simmer for a while, when the chicken is almost done pull the skin out and toss in some carrots and celery, when the veggies are done voila primal feel good food. Oh, obviously you’ll need some seasoning. I use a lot of rosemary, I grow it so it’s handy and fresh.

  6. HA! My boyfriend and I love epic meal time 😀 And I could use that “how to convince skeptics” link -> I’m a junior in the ADA nutrition and dietetics program XD

  7. I just spent the last hour reading the first Slate article on lab mice. Very well done. I worked in the field in the 70s and 80s — even then we were suspicious that inbred animals were not a particularly good representation of human models, but the fact that they were well-cared for and “healthy” (read plump) never crossed our minds as a negative.

    Now, with what we know and are learning about how obesity affects the entire endocrine system and long-term health, well, “Doh! We shoulda noticed earlier!” Hindsight and all that.

    Fascinating stuff — I’m sending the links to my friends in the animal care field (and yes, most of them work with mice.)

  8. What a treatment on overeating! I wonder about the social implications are of classifying overeating as an addiction? It could cut both ways. More help and support for people – maybe.

    1. I had no trouble with going Primal/paleo, but I think a lot of people would give up during carb flu and go back to pasta. They need a Grainaholics anonymous for those who have the wheat addiction gene.

  9. Very interesting about the empathy study. It only takes 20 seconds of silent video? Crazy!

    I am totally making that sweet potato casserole!

  10. Oooh love the Primal snacks link. Modern Paleo Warfare has become another go-to recipe site for me. They actually inspired me to try chestnuts this month! 🙂 OK, we had them in (cornbread) stuffing, but only had moderate portions (and ate the rest of the chestnuts plain *grin*).

    Oh, and that video link? InSANE! But looks so tasty!

  11. Pick out the stuffing and the Turbaconepicentipede is primal, right?

  12. bwaaaaahahahahahaha… super cool that you included a link of the epic meal time idiots. Love that crap. Especially funny when I hear all the comments from friends that always say: “those guys are gonna die soon from eating all that fat”…..

  13. Thanks for linking to my “Overeating as Addiction” article, Mark. Appreciate it! Hope you guys like it! Any questions just tweet @ me.

  14. Orexin activation may result from the stress/adrenal response to ingesting protein without glucose, which tends to drop blood sugar due to the insulin response to amino acids.

  15. Ahhh, the last part where they start eating the centipig or whatever its called had me rolling (^O^) My abs hurt…

  16. Good argument from Durant, but I dont think theres anything that can pursuade my gran that IF is healthy, eating every half hour is not, eating when you’re not hungry is not, and that primal is the way to go. Oh yes – and that Primal isn’t Atkins. Gets my goat when people say that. urgh *punches air*.
    Perhaps I should pass her my perfect lipid numbers over my morning eggs and bacon.

    And I love the popcorn packets! LOL!

  17. So interesting about the lab mice. BUT – “Having unlimited access to food makes the animals prone to cancer, type-2 diabetes, and renal failure;”…they blame it on unlimited access to food but I’m curious on the nutritional content of the pellet food – most likely a high-carb chow?

  18. First link: “why mouse studies are useless…”

    Second link: “a new mouse study shows…”

  19. And regarding the article on the “caveman” diet, I just don’t understand this: “but critics of the Caveman Diet say eliminating dairy and whole grains isn’t healthy.” Why is eliminating dairy unhealthy unless you are lactose intolerant? Why is eliminating grains unhealthy unless you are Celiac? So many questions and so much confusion with the conventional wisdom. I am so happy I no longer follow it!!

  20. The mouse article made me immediately think of a Black Swan (the event/book/concept, not the bird). What will it cost to have a bailout of the medical research community once it’s discovered that something has gone horribly wrong with the mouse and this is the only game around? I’m sure it will make the banking bailouts look like small potatoes (or whatever the primal equivalent of small potatoes is).

  21. Hi Guys! Woke up this morning with 4k of hits! Thank you so much for the mention and the link love *naked british hug*


  22. that article about mouse models is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing the link! I have enough to chew on there for a good long while…

  23. I need further info on the following statement as I thought “lean meat” was Mark’s intention:

    This recent article on the “caveman diet” makes me especially happy for two reasons: they quote yours truly, and they never mention “lean meat,” not even once.

    1. Read the book again–Mark makes it very clear that eating Primally means eating A LOT of fat. Healthy fat, that is–coconut oil, grass fed butter (if you can tolerate dairy,) moderate amounts of olive oil, avacado oil, etc, and aniimal fat, particularly from fish and grass fed beef.

      This is a high fat diet–no where in his book does he emphasize “lean meat.” The only “ancestoral diet” proponent that I know of that promotes lean meat is Cordain. And frankly, his thinking on the matter is flawed.

  24. Occasionally I’ll buy tyrosine pills and I recently tried a bottle of arginine+ornithine pills. I tried them in combination and they seemed to help get my system going.

  25. Mark might be onto something regarding freebasing amino acids. Apparently baking soda is a performance enhancer. So why not throw the occasional spoonful in your protein shakes? It’s protein crack!