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Weekend Link Love – Edition 164

Installing an “Urban Jungle” play area, complete with trees, boulders, hills, and tunnels, has dramatically reduced the number of accidents and incidents of “pushing, hitting, and slipping” [1] at a Scottish primary school.

Why a sales pitch is best given on a steep hill [2].

A candid interview with a former Big Food exec [3] confirms what we basically already suspected to be true. Still, it’s nice to know for sure (or is it the opposite of nice?).

German scientists developed a new method for testing pesticide residue in farmed fish [4] fed conventional vegetable matter; the results of the first studies to use the new method will soon be published. Here’s hoping I don’t have to rewrite my old post [5], eh?

Bloomberg posted a nice summation [6] of the research on the addictive properties of processed junk food. One startling highlight: rats preferred hits of sugar/saccharine to hits of cocaine (and you know those research scientists have access to the pure stuff).

Paleo foods to feed a cold [7]: saltine-less edition.

In a recent NPR report [8], we learned about a breastfeeding mother who fixed her kid’s acid reflux by giving up all soy, wheat, and dairy. Read that article, then go back to their hit piece on paleo [9], and laugh/cry at the absurdity of it all.

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Comment of the Week

This experiment will no doubt result in adding to the population explosion.

– Commenter Sharon’s take on the long-term ramifications of engaging in an intentional power outage [14].