Weekend Link Love – Edition 163

A Paleo restaurant named Sauvage recently opened in Berlin.

The NY Times just published a nice piece on barefoot running by Christopher McDougall. What is this, like their seventh barefoot running article? It’s getting big.

Do cholesterol-lowering statins increase violent behavior? And if they did, would the people who take them – one in every four people over the age of 45 – ever be told?

How yogurt really works – not by increasing the size of your gut flora population, but by altering its metabolism and gene expression.

Having higher testosterone helps older men maintain muscle mass (although I dunno about that dude’s pullup form in the article’s picture – neutral spine, man, neutral spine!).

You know how a joke explained ceases to be funny? This could be why. It also means that your girlfriend pressing you for reasons why you love her might not be such a good move after all.

In its first clinical trial in humans, resveratrol has a strong showing.

A new canola oil, genetically-modified to produce long chain omega-3 fatty acids (a la fatty fish), appears to be on the horizon. I’m absolutely sure nothing will go wrong here.

Why the hubbub over phytates in coconut shouldn’t worry you.

New evidence is beginning to confirm the once-controversial idea that dogs and humans underwent mutual socialization over 30 thousand years ago, when man was hunting and gathering, rather than the conventional idea of tame wolves hanging around agrarian settlements and eating trash. Indeed, some think that dogs were an “evolutionary inevitability” whenever and wherever wolves met humans in the wild.

Dave over at Dirty Bike Love has something tiny in his pants that he’d like to show you. Come take a look.

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Perhaps you’re just adapting proper, pre-technology sleep patterns :)


– Commenter Twobuy, with a nice response to another reader’s query about IF causing premature awakening during the night.

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