Weekend Link Love – Edition 163

A Paleo restaurant named Sauvage recently opened in Berlin.

The NY Times just published a nice piece on barefoot running by Christopher McDougall. What is this, like their seventh barefoot running article? It’s getting big.

Do cholesterol-lowering statins increase violent behavior? And if they did, would the people who take them – one in every four people over the age of 45 – ever be told?

How yogurt really works – not by increasing the size of your gut flora population, but by altering its metabolism and gene expression.

Having higher testosterone helps older men maintain muscle mass (although I dunno about that dude’s pullup form in the article’s picture – neutral spine, man, neutral spine!).

You know how a joke explained ceases to be funny? This could be why. It also means that your girlfriend pressing you for reasons why you love her might not be such a good move after all.

In its first clinical trial in humans, resveratrol has a strong showing.

A new canola oil, genetically-modified to produce long chain omega-3 fatty acids (a la fatty fish), appears to be on the horizon. I’m absolutely sure nothing will go wrong here.

Why the hubbub over phytates in coconut shouldn’t worry you.

New evidence is beginning to confirm the once-controversial idea that dogs and humans underwent mutual socialization over 30 thousand years ago, when man was hunting and gathering, rather than the conventional idea of tame wolves hanging around agrarian settlements and eating trash. Indeed, some think that dogs were an “evolutionary inevitability” whenever and wherever wolves met humans in the wild.

Dave over at Dirty Bike Love has something tiny in his pants that he’d like to show you. Come take a look.

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Perhaps you’re just adapting proper, pre-technology sleep patterns :)


– Commenter Twobuy, with a nice response to another reader’s query about IF causing premature awakening during the night.

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  1. While I definitely appreciate the “permission” to continue eating coconut products, the article uses the words “coconut has been consumed as a traditional food for thousands of years.” In CW, it is said that grains have been consumed “for thousands of years” and yet we are now being told that grains are bad for us, and that we never should have started consuming them.

    So, for this article to use the words “for thousands of years” I have to wonder what was eaten BEFORE those thousands of years?

    1. I’ve eaten at Sauvage and they are true to the Paleo diet in that they do leave out all the “bad” stuff. At the same time, I’d have to say the majority of the dishes are more vegetarian than Paleo. They do have meat and fish on the menu but you can’t get a steak for example. At the same time, they are quite creative with the food and try to mimic “normal” restaurant fare, i.e. gluten-free bread and so forth. It’s an interesting mix and I wanted to try it out to see what you get. Culinary highlight it isn’t but worth a visit for sure.

  2. Youch – the runner in the forefront of the NYT article is about to heel-strike barefoot!

    You don’t make that mistake more than once!

  3. From the Paleo restaurant article:

    “The truly obsessed build an entire lifestyle around the concept, mimicking caveman-era exercise. This can involve lifting boulders and running barefoot…”

  4. This quote, under the picture of the woman eating meat in the first article, cracks me up.

    “Consumer vote: Despite the fact that the Caveman diet ranked least effective in a list of weight-loss plans compiled by nutritionists, thousands of people responded to say that for them, it delivered the best results”

    “A U.S. News and World Report said the regime, otherwise known as the Caveman diet, would ‘likely disappoint… and was the least effective for weight loss.’
    But a poll beneath the review revealed that 3,292 people said that the diet had worked for them, compared with just 85 who said that it didn’t.”

  5. so I just read the article on barefoot running- very nice. Next to the article was a large ad for a running shoe with a spring in the heel touting its cushioning and “energy return”…

  6. “A new canola oil, genetically-modified to produce long chain omega-3 fatty acids (a la fatty fish), appears to be on the horizon. I’m absolutely sure nothing will go wrong here.”


    1. Since the idea of canola oil is to cook with it, adding the LCO3s to canola oil will make it that much more unstable. Especially without the antioxidants to back it up that are found in fish. A disaster.

  7. So,they had me until this piece of brilliance;

    “Earlier studies in animals had shown that resveratrol alleviates insulin resistance and protects against the ill effects of a high-fat diet, among other benefits, he explained.”

    I wasn’t aware high fat diets had any ill effects. I wonder if it works for the Standard American Processed Carb Diet?

    1. When researchers say ‘high fat diet’ what they might mean is a ‘hypercaloric diet’.

      The fat that used might be a seed oil (soy or sunflower for instance), rich in omega 6s, which contributes to weight gain and insulin resistance.

    2. actually, I think that in tests and studies, the “high fat” diets usually involve tons of processed carbs and grains alongside the fat. And most of the fat is probably not pasture butter and duck fat, but some kind of PUFA laden veg-soy oil thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Mark touched on the “high-fat” aspect in studies in some post…Grok on 🙂

      1. please note the article also said “obese but otherwise healthy men..”
        HELLO?! nothing about CW makes sense-its like they are in some kind of twilight zone….

  8. I’ve had to take a lot of mandatory communal showers at work, and I’ve got to say … I’ve never seen such a little guy in anyone’s pants like Dave has in his!

  9. The phytic acid in coconut has no negative effects… yay! I was semi “worried” about this… no more!

    That restaurant in Berlin is a must eat if I ever go there…

    Mark – I can’t wait till you link to an article every sunday about a new primal restaurant opening up somewhere… these will be good times for sure.

  10. Wow had no clue that coconuts had phytic acid. Thank goodness it doesn’t eliminate mineral absorption.

  11. I love Mark’s weekend link love!!! I look forward to it every week. such good and diversified reading!!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. Me too! It’s like a kickass version of StumbleOn (is that what the Firefox Addons called?), where a whole bunch of info I’ll very likely enjoy reading is all in one place 🙂

  12. If you watch Chris’s video, he’s in huaraches. At the NYC Barefoot Run, he said, “huaraches will be the next FiveFingers.”

    Needless to say, everyone here at Invisible Shoes hopes he’s correct 😉

  13. I don’t believe that old guy is actually doing a pull up, imo he’s standing on a chair

  14. We need more Paleo/Primal restaurants here in the US!!! (Even though I’m psyched to see one open somewhere in the world!)

  15. Do you think the non-mineral binding phytates in coconut are the phytates in chocolate too? It’d be nice…