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Weekend Link Love – Edition 162

The ever-elusive barefoot dress shoe may soon be upon us – with your help. The folks behind the Primal Professional are trying to raise capital for the project through pre-orders [1]. Go grab one today (for tomorrow) and help this stuff hit the corporate world!

Are you ready for Super Broccoli [2]?

Sean Croxton and I just can’t quit each other. I appeared on his Underground Wellness [3] radio show and answered a ton of questions from his readers, live. Go give it a listen [4].

Even BPA-free plastics contain chemicals with estrogenic activity that leach into food and liquid, Chris Kresser explains in a recent post [5]. And they may be making you fat, sick, and infertile (you won’t catch that tagline on a Tupperware ad anytime soon).

Richard Nikoley asks a simple question [6]. What’s your answer?

From the Sock Doc, learn how connective tissue repairs itself [7] – and how we can provide the tools it needs.

NPR’s take on the Paleo diet [8] was perhaps one of the weakest I’ve ever seen. Luckily, folks represented in the comment section. Go join in on the fun.

What’s this, you say? Giving kids stand-up desks leads to increased calorie expenditure? [9] Pretty obvious, you might say, but I’m just glad they’re doing studies on stand-up desks. Now let’s figure out what it does to learning and productivity.

In a recent two-week study [10], an enzyme-activator designed to boost mitochondrial function extended the life of mice, protected them from diet-induced obesity, and doubled their wheel running endurance. How ’bout them mitochondria?

I thought this was pretty clever [11].

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Comment of the Week

Getting rid of the cell phone is like silencing a screaming monkey for good. I ditched mine years ago. Even if you don’t live near nature, getting rid of the phone helps you become a little more human again.

– Commenter knifegill on the “Spiritual Encounters in Nature [16]” post. I appreciated the figurative language and the call for a break from the cell phone, but then again, I’m a sucker for monkeys. Even screaming ones.