Weekend Link Love – Edition 162

The ever-elusive barefoot dress shoe may soon be upon us – with your help. The folks behind the Primal Professional are trying to raise capital for the project through pre-orders. Go grab one today (for tomorrow) and help this stuff hit the corporate world!

Are you ready for Super Broccoli?

Sean Croxton and I just can’t quit each other. I appeared on his Underground Wellness radio show and answered a ton of questions from his readers, live. Go give it a listen.

Even BPA-free plastics contain chemicals with estrogenic activity that leach into food and liquid, Chris Kresser explains in a recent post. And they may be making you fat, sick, and infertile (you won’t catch that tagline on a Tupperware ad anytime soon).

Richard Nikoley asks a simple question. What’s your answer?

From the Sock Doc, learn how connective tissue repairs itself – and how we can provide the tools it needs.

NPR’s take on the Paleo diet was perhaps one of the weakest I’ve ever seen. Luckily, folks represented in the comment section. Go join in on the fun.

What’s this, you say? Giving kids stand-up desks leads to increased calorie expenditure? Pretty obvious, you might say, but I’m just glad they’re doing studies on stand-up desks. Now let’s figure out what it does to learning and productivity.

In a recent two-week study, an enzyme-activator designed to boost mitochondrial function extended the life of mice, protected them from diet-induced obesity, and doubled their wheel running endurance. How ’bout them mitochondria?

I thought this was pretty clever.

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Comment of the Week

Getting rid of the cell phone is like silencing a screaming monkey for good. I ditched mine years ago. Even if you don’t live near nature, getting rid of the phone helps you become a little more human again.

– Commenter knifegill on the “Spiritual Encounters in Nature” post. I appreciated the figurative language and the call for a break from the cell phone, but then again, I’m a sucker for monkeys. Even screaming ones.

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