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Weekend Link Love – Edition 158

How interbreeding with Neanderthals improved our immune systems [1]. Maybe that’s why my necrophiliac paleontologist buddy never seems to get sick.

Don Matesz gives a few examples of what his new plant-focused diet looks like on the plate. I would have included a bit more animal and nixed the tofu, but otherwise it looks really appetizing [2]. What do you think?

If you have a dog, I dare you to read this story [3] without giving him or her a hug.

Man, look how disgusting and bulky [4] lifting heavy things makes women.

Be sure to check out Robb Wolf’s ongoing interview series [5] with Polyface Farm’s Joel Salatin.

Scientists attempt to quantify wisdom [6].

Laughter’s Primal, right? 15 products made unintentionally offensive by careless sticker placements [7]. (Don’t click through if you don’t have a sense of humor.)

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One year ago (Aug 29 – Sept 4)

Comment of the Week

Mark!? You can’t go mentioning someone else’s wife as beautiful without doing the same for your own wife. Quick, change it before she sees this  .

– Reader Jeff dispenses some invaluable wisdom [12].