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Weekend Link Love – Edition 157

If you’ve never read or listened to Frank Forencich before, you owe it to yourself to make it out to one of his Exuberant Animal training jams [1], where personal trainers, fitness instructors, PE teachers, and anyone involved or interested in physical culture and Primal play will learn the Exuberant Animal methods and movements.

Yet another reason why I’m glad I no longer run marathons: only non-alcoholic beer works as a recovery aid [2]. Bleh, what a waste.

Previous reports suggested that modern British males descended from agrarian stock, but new evidence reveals hunter-gatherer ancestry [3]. More bangers, less mash?

Hey, other mammals do it, so why not eat your placenta [4] after giving birth? Learn why more human moms are choosing to do it.

Speaking of traditional parenting, Melissa McEwen suggests [5] that failure to breastfeed increases incidence of celiac disease in children.

Did you hear? It turns out that chocolate cookie clusters, slow-churned “fudge tracks” ice cream, chocolate pudding, and a chocolate VitaMuffin are among the healthiest foods of 2011, according to Fitness Magazine. Thanks for relaying the message [6], Fitbomb (at least sarcasm remains delicious and healthy).

Because steak-rustling is at an all time high [7].

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Is having a Dire Wolf as a pet Primal?

– Reader Alex McKenna [12].