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Weekend Link Love – Edition 156

Free the Animal’s Richard Nikoley provides one of his patented study takedowns [1]. Oh how I’ve missed these.

Karen De Coster gives a libertarian’s take [2] on the Ancestral Health Symposium, via Lew Rockwell.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past year, check out the Denise Minger story, entitled “How to Slay a Giant [3].”

I knew I liked darker roasts for a reason: dark roasts beat light roasts when it comes to weight loss in a recent study [4]. Plus, it boosted endogenous antioxidant levels higher, too.

Is milk better at rehydrating active kids than actual water? Looks like it [5]. Perhaps milk wasn’t such a bad choice after all, Ron Burgundy.

Do low-carb, high-fat diets impair thyroid function? The folks at the Perfect Health Diet blog peer into the literature [6].

Fish fat seems to improve brain function [7] (and maybe even size).

I’m sure we can all agree that evolving was overall a good move for mankind, but there are downsides. Ten of ’em [8], to be precise.

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Comment of the Week

I used to wear shoes, and I never had a suntan. When I started wearing vibrams instead, I got a tan.

Vibrams cause suntan. Can I have a Harvard fellowship now?

Urban Primalist [14] himself, Timothy [15].