Weekend Link Love – Edition 156

Free the Animal’s Richard Nikoley provides one of his patented study takedowns. Oh how I’ve missed these.

Karen De Coster gives a libertarian’s take on the Ancestral Health Symposium, via Lew Rockwell.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past year, check out the Denise Minger story, entitled “How to Slay a Giant.”

I knew I liked darker roasts for a reason: dark roasts beat light roasts when it comes to weight loss in a recent study. Plus, it boosted endogenous antioxidant levels higher, too.

Is milk better at rehydrating active kids than actual water? Looks like it. Perhaps milk wasn’t such a bad choice after all, Ron Burgundy.

Do low-carb, high-fat diets impair thyroid function? The folks at the Perfect Health Diet blog peer into the literature.

Fish fat seems to improve brain function (and maybe even size).

I’m sure we can all agree that evolving was overall a good move for mankind, but there are downsides. Ten of ’em, to be precise.

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One year ago (Aug 15 – Aug 21)

Comment of the Week

I used to wear shoes, and I never had a suntan. When I started wearing vibrams instead, I got a tan.

Vibrams cause suntan. Can I have a Harvard fellowship now?

Urban Primalist himself, Timothy.

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  1. “Only an entity with a monopoly on coercion – the state – can possibly create so much misinformation and fraudulent advice….” is she kidding? it’s not the state that does the advertising to kids on their cartoon channels, it’s kellogg’s (as just one example).

    1. Who gave Kellogg license to call their sugary crap “healthy”?
      What would happen if a grass beef seller tried to tell his customers that his beef prevented heart disease? Your all-benevolent state would destroy him.

      1. fortunately, i don’t know anyone dumb enough to believe in an “all-benevolent state.”

    2. You left off the most important part.

      “…fraudulent advice, backed by enforced policy…”

      Kellogg can’t send a SWAT team to your farm for selling raw milk or fine you for selling too many vegetables.

      The relationship between big corporations and the state is a symbiotic one.

  2. love that smoothie recipe, I’ve been wanting to take the raw egg yolk plunge and I think I’ll give it a test with a smoothie like that.

    1. My first raw egg (besides cookie batter etc.) was gross.
      I got used to them by mixing an egg in a bowl with a bit of milk, putting my tongue under the edge of the bowl, and chugging the mixture. A glass would work too but I always crack eggs in a bowl in case any pieces of shell fall in.

      1. I’ve been experimenting with whole raw eggs recently with great success. I don’t taste the egg nor do I feel the texture in my mouth.

        Adding avocado helps a lot!

        I have a few recipes in my ebook with raw egg.

        1. i agree with sir toad, if you mix ’em up with good stuff, you won’t taste them really. sometimes i make a sort of raw custard mix, with eggs, heavy cream and shredded coconut. it’s reallllly good.

  3. Milk is such a grey area for folks! Just speaks to making sure we listen to our bodies and eat what makes us feel good! My kids love milk, they get it usually once a day! Works for us! 🙂

  4. I had an extra thick chocolate whey protein shake (of about three scoops, or almost 75g) made with milk with two raw eggs mixed in. It was decent and kep me full for a couple hours. I think it probably tasted better when I drank it than it would have at another time because it was the morning after an intensive day of mostly fasted working out and I had woken up sore and with a great need for protein.
    I’m surprised darker roasts lead to more fat loss because lighter roasts have more caffeine, and I assume other xanthines as well, which I thought was responsible for any fat-burning qualities coffee has.
    Last night I actually had two triple-triples. I needed to muster up the energy and feeling of dedication to bike home at 5am somehow and forking over almost the rest of my meager coinage for two tasty extra large gas station coffees was the way.

    1. You use the whole egg, right? I’ve been experimenting with whole raw eggs with great success.

      When you know what you are doing raw egg smoothies can be a huge winner!

  5. Milk in its raw state is electromagnetically charged.
    When raw milk is being held in metal containers too long it loses that electromagnetic charge. For whatever reason, this charge seems to be important for growing mammals or it wouldn’t be there. Same goes for raw human milk.

    Raw Milk is THE best Multivitamin (on top of thousand of other things undiscovered) anybody could take, regardless at what age.

    1. Here is a partial list of raw (bovine) milk, but all raw milks have this:

      Immunoglobulins IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE, IgD: Large, complex sugar/protein (glycoprotein) molecules (also known as antibodies) used by the immune system to find and deactivate pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
      Transforming Growth Factor Beta: Stimulates growth and repair of the gastro-intestinal tract.

      Epidermal Growth Factor: Biochemically regulates cellular growth, cellular division and cell type. Fosters rapid tissue repair.

      Glutathione: Powerful antioxidant that offers protection to cells from free radicals.

      Interferons: Specialized proteins that inhibit replication of viruses within cells throughout the body.

      Interleukins: A large group of signaling molecules that help regulate the immune system.

      Oligosaccharides: Groups of 3-10 sugar molecules that protect against pathogens by competing for binding sites on the intestinal epithelium and provide support to friendly probiotic bacteria.

      Proline-rich Polypeptide (PRP) or Colostrinin: Anti-inflammatory hormone that helps regulate immune system activity by stimulating the thymus gland.

      Transferrin: Immune system glycoprotein that binds free iron, which, in turn, inhibits bacterial growth.

      RAW Milk sugars actually HEAL glands, the lactose (with its lactase intact) takes a different path in the body when the enzyme isn’t destroyed through pasteurization. The pancrea is a gland and will not be under any stress when raw milk is consumed. There will be NO diabetes, in fact, it HEALS the pancrea.
      Why would mother nature ‘invent’ a whole food for the survival of a species that could possibly cause permanent damage?
      Raw milk has MANY forms of sugars, not just lactose. Many of those sugars feed friendly bacteria and are extremely important for gut health.

    2. LOL. Care to define what “elecromagnetically charged” means for me? Care to point out any sort of scientific research that finds this “electromagnetic charge” of which you speak present in raw milk? (Hint: there is no such thing as “electromagnetic charge”. Electric charge is measured in Coulombs–the charge of 6.24×10^18 protons–and magnetic field strength in Teslas. They are not the same thing. As far as physicists know there is no such thing as a magnetic charge, only a magnetic field.) If there is some such salient electrical property of raw milk I am sure you can post your source for such an interesting claim with no problem?

      1. https://undergroundwellness.com/tag/organic-pastures-raw-milk/

        Youtube video…forward to 2:45mins “electric charge of raw milk”:

        I’m sorry if I offended YOU by saying electromagnetic if you’re some kind of physicist. I personally have no schooling of electromagnetic fields so you might’ve thought this is kind of funny or offensive…but I’ve seen other proof of things being charged with life, and cancer cells NOT having that charge. Every human and animal carries this field around, every plant, every fruit and tuber…until you cook it. I’ve watched documentaries showing under special light? this charged field and people that are carrying cancer cells are less luminous.

        First language isn’t english so excuse my grammar.

      2. More proof from the early 1900’s
        Citat:” THE PROTEINS IN MILK
        Milk proteins are very fragile, three-dimensional objects with complicated
        precise folding, and even precise variations in surface electric

        Web Site, medical document, medical studies Pottenger and Weston Price link:

      3. More proof:

        “Silverstone shows using many different scientific experiments, some dating back as far as 1910, that at the point of death, carrots (and all vegetables, milk and meat) give out an electrical charge, equivalent to what we could poetically refer to as its final death cry.”

        Link: https://www.naturalnews.com/033272_living_foods_carrots.html

        If you’re a scientist or a physicist please let me know what you think.

      4. Enzymes give food the aura, the electrical field. Raw foods are charged, and can attract enzymes. (A Nobel Prize was awarded early this century for research that showed that the electrical charge attraction of enzymes enables digestion.)

      5. The work of such experts as Dr. Howell — author of Enzyme Nutrition and father of the (nutritional) enzyme-consumption movement – proves that the enhanced electrical charge of these essential elements elevates cellular frequencies, creating greater immunological strength. And, of course, this enhanced cellular frequency helps to neutralize existing disorders.

        1. Dr. Johanna Budwig has some interesting comments about electrons and electrical energy being in phase with photon energy and the whole phsyical creation we exist in. Who know what evil lurks….spooky shit man.

      6. Uncephalized:

        A farad is the charge in coulombs which a capacitor will accept for the potential across it to change 1 volt.

        Before LOL’ing at someone who knows more than you do, you should really first do your research and get your facts straight.

    1. It says at the bottom of the article it was funded by the Dairy Farmers of (some state). I think CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

      And milk while I’m running or cycling? Not appealing

  6. I really appreciated the article on ’10 Consequences of Having Evolved’. We give Grok a lot of credit – due credit. But we often ignore the fact that evolution, despite its long adaptive process, is extremely messy. As an anthropology major, this has always been in the back of my mind. Particularly because of the astronomical rates of back pain among all humans. I can’t remember which tribe had the saying, but it was something along the lines of, “The woman who has twins will be cursed with back pain.”

  7. Sorry Mark, I can’t agree with the dark roast wisdom. Logic would state dark roast is cooked longer, so cooked longer to me means more dead.

    1. cooked longer could also mean: less anti-nutrients more carcinogens,less carcinogens ,no change in carcinogens.

      cooked longer simply means more time not hotter heat, so we could take from that, whatever beneficial effects occur at medium roast continue to dark roast.Taken to the extreme simply burn the coffee beans and brew the ashes.

      I would agree that hotter heat or a burned roast could be bad.

      I disagree with the more dead premise if we agree that dead = not alive = no metabolism.

      Death must be binary not a spectrum.

      Coffee beans can live for sometime being seeds with very small metabolisms but as soon as they are rendered unviable for growing by heat we could call them dead at that point.
      not to beat a dead bean or anything.

  8. FYI for picky coffee drinkers:

    There are sites online where you can buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself, either in an airpop popcorn popper or a more expensive countertop roaster.
    I tried it with the air popper and the coffee was sublime.

    1. aw man, now i wish i’d kept my popper! i’ve roasted coffee in the oven and in a skillet on the stovetop, and it’s tricky to get right!

    2. OH! I knew I was keeping my air popper for SOME reason! Any suggestions on good sources for the green coffee beans?

  9. Wait, so the fact that I have no wisdom teeth is either a genetic anomaly, or maybe an evolutionary progression? Neat!

  10. I wonder what they mean when they say “milk”. I remember growing up, my mom used to give me a huge glass of milk twice a day – one just after waking up and one after playing outside in the evening.

    Of course that milk was boiled a couple of times and a ton of sugar was added to it, because I “didn’t like milk without the drinking chocolate”.

  11. It’s funny, I never really connected libertarianism with the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, but it makes sense having read Karen De Coster’s article on the symposium.

    I’m a big fan of both libertarianism and the Primal lifestyle, so… cool! (^o^)

  12. I first came across MDA via Lew Rockwell’s site, which I really like. Even more so I like Mises.Org

    I highly recommend checking both sites out.

  13. Thanks for sharing my recipe blog Mark, I’m so honored! 🙂

    I’ll be on the look out for Primal eats for new recipes while on my 2 week trip to Asia (China, Japan and South Korea) this coming weekend. I’ll be documenting flavors, ingredients and taking pictures for new recipes.

    Thanks a million Mark! 😀

  14. Loved Richard Nikoley’s take-down! Had not heard of his blog and will be adding it to my reading list (love Karen too – she’s already on the list). Thanks!