Weekend Link Love – Edition 152

The Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook is finally available for pre-ordering on Amazon. If you place an order and send the authors your confirmation note, you’ll be entered to win a lovely Le Creuset 4-quart pot worth $220.

What is the key to optimum happiness? I and others give our two cents.

Does knowing a food’s country of origin – or thinking you know it – change the way that food tastes?

A blogger explores the world of edible insects and makes them sound pretty darn delectable. Would you eat a water beetle?

The evidence mounts. Two new studies confirm that regular physical activity is linked to lower rates of neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment as we age.

But it’s not just physical movement that helps the brain work better. In a recent study, meditation appeared to greatly enhance structural connectivity between different areas of the brain. Meditators had denser, more efficient, and better connected brains.

Protein shakes aren’t necessary, but if you’re gonna do one do it with whey, which recently beat soy protein in a calorie-matched fat loss duel.

There’s a strong possibility you have Neanderthal genes in you. According to new evidence, I (and anyone without pure sub-Saharan African blood) certainly do. You know, I can’t really blame those early humans for interbreeding. Neanderthals were supposedly master flutists, and what woman doesn’t love a musician?

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Comment of the Week

I remember one time my friend and I were out playing in the forest with his dog and it ate a bunch of bark off of vines. We came back inside and started chasing it around a room and wrestling with it and when my friend was on his back putting the dog in a headlock with his legs it threw up, all over his upper body and face, including in his mouth.

– Reader Animanarchy with more lurid details. I love it.

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