Weekend Link Love – Edition 151

My next book is available for pre-order on Amazon, but before you hop on over there to reserve your early-adopter copy, consider that, just like my previous book releases, I will be putting together a special pre-order offer for people that purchase it through PrimalBlueprint.com. Keep your eyes peeled this coming October. (P.S. Pay no attention to the cover design at Amazon. It’s an early mockup of an in-the-works final design, and will be changed.)

Peggy, The Primal Parent, just wrote a great article on polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. Turns out going Primal helps with that, too.

Good posture makes you tougher and more resistant to physical pain, while a submissive posture makes you less resistant.

Surprise, surprise: toning shoes don’t actually tone anything. What you do in a shoe (or in no shoe) is key.

Check out a London art student’s human hair necklaces, which bridge the tenuous gap between creepy and beautiful.

How to build your brain circuitry and get really, really good at something.

According to HuffPo, paddleboard yoga is the latest trend. I got an email from a friend the other day telling me he and friends played Ultimate on paddleboards.

You might miss it if you blink, but an NPR article briefly mentions how sunlight helps the eyes.

It’s a rare breakfast that encompasses the balance between protein, fat, and micronutrient requirements, along with the nature of reality itself, but this egg manages to do it all.

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Comment of the Week

That’s kind of what I was thinking when I ripped the heads off four living crayfish, pulled out their main intestine using the center tail fins, and scraped most of their guts out with a knife, all while they were still wriggling. Then I plopped them in a pot of boiling water and watched them turn red, along with the bundles of eggs still attached under three of their tails. But then after transferring them into a pan and frying them with some eggs, I enjoyed an excellent, hearty dinner that satisfied me to the core. This is the way of nature.

– Reader Animanarchy spares no details.

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