Weekend Link Love – Edition 15

link loveSqueezing in a last minute summer vacation? 60 in 3 shares his secrets for creating the ultimate hotel workout (using only hotel room furniture and a very heavy suitcase!)

Overrun with squash, Cranky Fitness dishes up some innovative – and healthy – recipes to use it all up!

The Consumerist blows the lid off the “light” fruit juice craze, finding that, in reality, the key is to just add water.

Want to live a “waste not, want not” life? Blogger Dumb Little Man has some pretty smart tips to get you on track.

Laurel on Health Food
profiles a new study suggesting that apples can reduce colon cancer risk.

Live Well 360 profiles the recent slew of pro-fructose corn syrup ads that have been hitting the airwaves of late (and eliciting eye rolls the nation-over!)

Think YouTube is only useful for tracking down that video of Filipino prisoners doing the “Thriller” dance? Science Roll introduces us to two new YouTube channels that school us on all things medical and public health-related.

Ever wondered how those crazies on Ninja Warrior train for those events? Blogger Straight to the Bar shows us a gym-based routine that will have you winning the ultimate challenge in no time.

File this under wacky weight loss trend. That’s Fit profiles a new diet “trend” written up in Britain’s The Daily Telegraph that recommends eating naked to curb pigging out.

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