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Weekend Link Love – Edition 149

If Grok [1] barbecued an auroch, what would he reach for first? According to prehistoric remains of a cookout [2], the bone marrow and ribs were prized above all else.

A study [3] found that TV food advertisements increase kids’ preference for unhealthy processed junk food. Okay, but those are just dumb kids. Advertising doesn’t work on you, right?

Well, advertisers are certainly doing something right: 25% of Americans’ calories now come from snacks [4] (and they aren’t marketing steaks, eggs, and fresh greens). I think when something makes up a quarter of your calories, it no longer qualifies as a snack.

Here’s more evidence [5] that bigger, less frequent meals (maybe with a bit of intermittent fasting) are a better choice for most people.

Kelly Starrett visits Google [6] and addresses the sitting issue.

What does your walk [7] say about your health?

Speaking of which, more and more evidence accumulates [8] for the benefits of moving frequently at a slow pace.

Some nice thoughts [9] on the emergence of meditation as a response to the tumult of relatively modern life (in India, 500 BCE), from Wildness and Wonder.

Evolution of Man: The Sequel [10].

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Comment of the Week

I wonder if Grok asked the sabre-toothed tiger to wait until he’d done his stretching and warm-up exercises?

– Comment from Stevemidd on Are Stretching and Warmups Overrated?