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Weekend Link Love – Edition 148

I love butter as much as anyone, but I think deep-frying it [1] may be going too far. Be sure to watch til the end for the helpful tips on how to pick a frying oil [2].

Living in the city changes how your brain responds to stress [3], and not in a good way.

Fake, manmade fat strikes out again [4]. This time, rats who ate potato chips made with Olean, the non-caloric “fat,” got fatter and ate more than rats who ate regular chips. Big surprise.

More fossil evidence that agriculture took a toll [5] on human height (and health).

It seems humans may possess a dormant ability [6] to sense the Earth’s magnetic fields, a la birds and sea turtles, thanks to a tiny protein in our retina. Magneato.

Diabetes can be cured with diet? [7] You don’t say. 600 calories a day? Ouch. We can do it on 1800.

I’m torn on this old baby food ad [8]. On one hand, it’s for canned meat paste made of beef, liver, heart, bacon, veal, or lamb called “Meats for Babies.” That’s awesome. On the other hand, it’s canned meat paste.

Here’s a nice piece on epigenetics [9]. It’s becoming clear that for better or worse, we have the ability to reprogram our genes.

Add “increased risk of diabetes” [10] to the list of potential side effects from taking statins.

LiveScience recently published a list [11] of the “7 Biggest Diet Myths.” I initially cringed, too, but was pleasantly surprised. It’s a solid list.

The World’s Largest Omelet [12]. I hope the guy ordering asked them to cook it in butter.

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Comment of the Week

You can collect barnacles from bridge pilings and make a great paleo soup out of them, packed with iron magnesium and iodine.

I call it hungry hobo stew.

– Comment from rob [17]