Weekend Link Love – Edition 147

I’m coming to Austin next week for a PAST seminar, and there are still a few spots remaining. Get in while you can! June 25, a Saturday.

A study finds that simply thinking you’re eating an indulgent, high-calorie meal leads to greater satiety and faster drops in ghrelin (the hormone that provokes hunger), even if you’re actually eating a lower-calorie meal. Hmm, maybe there’s something to this hedonism thing…

Nonstop Awesomeness asked me and 57 other “creative, positive, and productive dynamos” how we build momentum in our personal and professional lives.

Japanese scientists have successfully synthesized meat from human fecal matter, using protein extracted from the resident bacteria. It’s about time!

Life expectancy appears to be falling for American women in some regions of the country. Are obesity and smoking to blame? Poor health care? Or is it also the migration of elderly people healthy enough to move throwing off the averages?

A low-carb, high-protein diet proves effective against tumor growth and cancer incidence. But don’t you dare try such a diet without guidance from your doctor and plenty of Lipitor.

The real reason why so many drugs list headaches as a side effect.

Speaking of coffee, a (future) Primal, MD takes a comprehensive, evidence-based look at coffee’s effect on a wide range of health parameters. Great, great article.

Meet Bacon Ipsum, a pork-based lorem ipsum generator.

Recipe Corner

  • The Primal Palate steams some crabs and celebrates its anniversary.
  • This isn’t something you want to make a habit, but once in a blue moon there’s nothing wrong with a decadent, dense treat like Just Geoff’s chocolate drops.

Time Capsule

One year ago (June 13 – June 19)

Comment of the Week

“So teaching my crotch to talk was useless? BAH! Valuable time down the drain.”

– Comment from Nion, who could probably salvage time and effort doing private shows.

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