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June 19 2011

Weekend Link Love – Edition 147

By Mark Sisson

I’m coming to Austin next week for a PAST seminar, and there are still a few spots remaining. Get in while you can! June 25, a Saturday.

A study finds that simply thinking you’re eating an indulgent, high-calorie meal leads to greater satiety and faster drops in ghrelin (the hormone that provokes hunger), even if you’re actually eating a lower-calorie meal. Hmm, maybe there’s something to this hedonism thing…

Nonstop Awesomeness asked me and 57 other “creative, positive, and productive dynamos” how we build momentum in our personal and professional lives.

Japanese scientists have successfully synthesized meat from human fecal matter, using protein extracted from the resident bacteria. It’s about time!

Life expectancy appears to be falling for American women in some regions of the country. Are obesity and smoking to blame? Poor health care? Or is it also the migration of elderly people healthy enough to move throwing off the averages?

A low-carb, high-protein diet proves effective against tumor growth and cancer incidence. But don’t you dare try such a diet without guidance from your doctor and plenty of Lipitor.

The real reason why so many drugs list headaches as a side effect.

Speaking of coffee, a (future) Primal, MD takes a comprehensive, evidence-based look at coffee’s effect on a wide range of health parameters. Great, great article.

Meet Bacon Ipsum, a pork-based lorem ipsum generator.

Recipe Corner

  • The Primal Palate steams some crabs and celebrates its anniversary.
  • This isn’t something you want to make a habit, but once in a blue moon there’s nothing wrong with a decadent, dense treat like Just Geoff’s chocolate drops.

Time Capsule

One year ago (June 13 – June 19)

Comment of the Week

“So teaching my crotch to talk was useless? BAH! Valuable time down the drain.”

– Comment from Nion, who could probably salvage time and effort doing private shows.

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44 thoughts on “Weekend Link Love – Edition 147”

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  1. meat made from poop is the solution to the feeding the world??? are they out of their minds??

    1. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, even from Mark. The Japanese fecal meat story is a hoax.

  2. “I take 15-20 minutes aside earlier in the day and have a conversation with my wife in a quiet place. We update each other on the plans for the day and share concerns and whatever deeper thoughts are surfacing. This connection helps ground us for the rest of the day in everything else we do.” – Mark Sisson. That’s beautiful Mark!

    That coffee article seems like a fantastic read. Too much for now but it just got bookmarked!

  3. ” people are saying the ‘meat’ tastes…”

    GTFO ! People actually volunteered to EAT shit?

    Right when I thought nothing could get any worse with our food supply.

    1. It’s a whole new awkwardly literal meaning when you say I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast.


    1. That would be a perfect name for the “grass-fed” variety. Probably still wouldn’t have a very good Omega-3:6 ratio.

      1. It could have a better Omega 3:6 ratio than cod livers in olive oil, be all singing, all dancing and makes you a cup of coffee in the morning just as you wake up – But I don’t even think a coca-cola-esque type marketing budget is going to move a product called “shit-burger”, not unless it’s the other definition of the word “move” and you’ve being consuming copious amounts of suspicious mind altering mushrooms.

    2. Finally science has come up with a way to make cannibalism the preferred option for distopian futures.

      “Sure, we have to eat granny, but at least we don’t have to eat poopmeat.”

    3. I prefer “Soylent Brown.”


  4. I’m going to try and think about high calories meals while eating light and see if it works, but I will not try meat from fecal matter… ewwww!

  5. Sadly I won’t be able to try that doo doo meat, seeing as it is 25% carbs… (dry heave).

  6. This isn’t related to the article. I just wanted to share a couple things. 1) I caught and cooked some crayfish yesterday and they were pretty good. If there’s crayfish in your area, I suggest you give it a go. They like to hide under rocks. I found mine by overturning rocks in shallow water along a lakeside, mostly larger flat rocks. When startled they swim quite fast but in a straight line and they head for nearby rocks.
    2) Thanks Mark and the community for enlightening me (and others) about grains. I had to go to jail a couple times recently (undeservingly.. innocent victim of the system kind of thing) and though I have no diseases I told the police in the station and the guards and nurses in the jail that I had celiac’s disease and as a result I was given less grains to eat. The food still kind of sucked and included a lot of white rice but it was better than eating pasta and bread nonstop. I just wish I didn’t eat the rice cakes they gave me in place of bread because I read here on MDA after that they are scientifically proven to be inedible.

  7. The nastiness the Japanese scientists are engaging in reminds me of a plotline from a Michael Crichton book I read ages ago. (Congo, perhaps?) Real life reminding you of Michael Crichton is never good!

    Love the coffee article. I had no idea there was so much to say! And I love the high limit (in my opinion) he is allowing for us coffee lovers!

  8. Extracting the protein for sewage mud is an excellent idea I’m sure there is lots of useful things it can be used for , but don’t make people eat that shit.
    One year latter , New Bodybuilding supplement Made from Japanese poop bacteria, WHeyst protein Isolate. not available in chocolate.

  9. Nonstop Awesomeness!! Thanks for that link!

    I couldn’t agree with you more about sharing 10-20 minutes in the morning discussing the day with your wife. That’s great! We have our cup of coffee in bed chatting about the day, and we finish our day recapping. So important to our lives!

  10. MARK: I really hope you are going to take advantage of something Texans are great at while you’re in Austin – barbecue. I was just there, and if you’ve never had Texas brisket, you are REALLY missing out. Talk about primal heaven.

    And for some delicious tacos, head to Torchy’s and sample their Democrat or Crossroads taco (I asked to replace the corn tortilla with lettuce). SO good.

    Take a stroll (or sprint) around Lady Bird Lake, or rent a canoe and get on the lake, or go for a swim in Barton Springs.

    And if you have even more time, at less than an hour’s drive (or maybe half a day on a bike?) is beautiful Hamilton Pool (a natural wonder).

    Hope your time in Austin is fabulous!

  11. OMG.. I feel sick just reading the title of that poop link.

    Great article about coffee.

  12. japanese scientists did not invent meat created from feces.
    That honor goes to a scottish inventor named Ronald McDonald and his two research assistants, the Hamburgler and Grimace.

  13. “They hope to price it the same as actual meat,” eh? This means there’s no way in hell they are going to label it, you know.

    More reasons to buy organic since, for now anyway, U.S. organic means no sewage sludge was used.

    They should have made it out of bull-scat, then they could still call it grass-fed.

    1. Oh wait….There’s soy protein and red food coloring in it?

      Not primal, no problem.

    2. And on top of it people pay a monthly bill for sewage, no?
      So, we are paying to have our shit disposed, then pay again to eat it…ironic.

  14. The Japanese scientists name is Mitsuyuki – possible pronounciation – Meat So Yucky. Also in the video the refridgerator door is labeled “$hit burger”. This has got to be a hoax.

  15. As a melanoma survivor, I was encouraged by the article on low-carb/high-protein diets and cancer. For me there are no promises but I’ll do anything that may increase my chances of staying cancer-free – bring on the bacon! =)

  16. The poop burger contains a great deal of soy–so the poop may actually be the healthiest ingredient in the whole thing.

  17. omg, I saw the video on facebook about the poop burger… its true what they said about it: “the main problem is the psychological thinking”…. they wont get to convince most people to ‘eat shit’… literally lol… I wonder if the people in the video knew what they were actually eating.