Weekend Link Love – Edition 146

Attention, doctors: contact Chris to be placed on the new Primal Docs network.

Are you addicted to sausages? This man certainly is. Can any UK readers vouch for the quality of these Mcwhinney’s Irish pork sausages? Are they worth risking clinical addiction?

There’s nothing more enjoyable on a Sunday morning than reading about the collusion of federal regulators and Monsanto to keep the world’s best-selling herbicide’s tendency to cause birth defects secret from the public!

More heartening food news: a popular poultry medicine used by chicken farmers increases inorganic arsenic levels (read: toxic) in the animals’ livers.

Researchers now have conclusive evidence that disturbances in the gut flora can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s all in your… intestines?

Some researchers now consider sitting to be about as bad for you as smoking. I think it’s time to hang it up, Sitting.

Chinese scientists have bred cows that produce “human” breast milk that’s “stronger” than regular cow milk. I’ve wanted milk to be a lot of things, but “stronger” was never one of them. Before you flip out, though, listen to worker Jiang Yao’s soothing words: “It’s better for you because it’s genetically modified.” Whew!

Perhaps cats really are smarter than dogs, after all.

Recipe Corner

  • A very interesting dish from Stuff I Make My Husband – strawberry pulled pork. It’s strawberry season here, so why not?
  • I’ve been on a pretty ridiculous salmon kick lately, so simple salmon and cilantro sweet potatoes really appealed to me.

Time Capsule

One year ago (June 6 – June 12)

Comment of the Week

“Hell no I’m not walking right now.
The rain’s coming down like cowpiss on a flat rock.”

– Honest poetry from Primal Palate, in The Definitive Guide to Walking.

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