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Weekend Link Love – Edition 144

First off, I have some thanking to do. Many thanks to John Durant [1] for organizing the NYC Paleo meetup last week. About 175 enthusiastic people attended the event, and I had a wonderful time sharing my thoughts on the metabolic paradigm shift [2] and meeting everyone that could make it out. I also want to thank all of the Mark’s Daily Apple newsletter subscribers [3] that reviewed Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals [4] this last week. I appreciate your time and support!

When will the murderous Amish dairy cartel finally be brought to justice? Armed raids by federal authorities [5] are a step in the right direction, but I still see their products being brazenly peddled at California markets.

Tom Naughton of Fathead fame explains why the latest meat-causes-cancer study [6] is high-nitrate, ammonia-soaked bologna.

Scientists engineer a cortisol-blocking pill that also reduces the vividness of negative memories. Would you take it? [7]

Mark Cucuzella, MD, sent in a gorgeously shot video [8] on barefoot running style and how best to implement it. The music’s pretty awesome, too.

Whoever wins the Grain Wars [9], we are the ultimate losers.

Should you parent like a caveman [10]?

Diane Sanfilippo defends bacon’s honor [11] with a powerful treatise. Cured pork belly fans or not, you should read it.

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Comment of the Week

“Meat glue rhymes with eeeewwww.”

Harry [16], from the meat glue post [17].